Relief to Consumers

After proper hearing of the case, consumer court can pass the order against the opposite party regarding one or more of the following:

a) To remove the defect in goods or deficiency in service.

b) To replace the defective product with a new one, free from any defect.

c) To refund the price paid for the product, or the charges paid for the service.

d) To pay a reasonable amount of compensation for any loss or injury suffered by the consumer, due to the negligence of the opposite party.

e) To pay punitive damages in appropriate circumstances.

f) To discontinue the unfair/ restrictive trade practice and not to repeat it in the future.

g) Not to offer hazardous goods for sale.

h) To withdraw the hazardous goods from sale.

i) To cease manufacture of hazardous goods and to stop from offering hazardous services.

j) To pay any amount (at least 5% of the value of the defective goods or deficient services provided), to the Consumer Welfare Fund or any other organization/person, to be utilized in the prescribed manner.

k) To issue corrective advertisement to neutralize the effect of a misleading advertisement.

l) To pay adequate costs to the appropriate party.


Consumer Responsibilities

A consumer can take the benefit of relief under Consumer Protection Act only if he fulfills following responsibilities, while purchasing, using and consuming, goods and services.

(1) Be aware and make an intelligent choice of goods available in the market.

(2) Buy only standardised goods for quality assurance.

(3) Strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer, regarding the use of goods and services.

(4) Read labels attached or pasted on the product carefully to have complete information about the product.

(5) Behave like a wise consumer to get a fair dealing from the seller.

(6) Be honest and don’t go for illegal activites regarding purchase of good and services.

(7) Ask for cash memo for proof of purchase.

(8) You must file a complaint in an appropriate consumer forum, in case of exploitation even if the amount involved is small.

(9) Form consumer societies for consumer education and safety of their interests.

(10) Respect the environment and don’t waste, and control pollution.