HobbyAfter working or studying for long hours, days and weeks there is a need to break the monotony, to refresh the mind, to use creative skills etc.thus cultivating a hobby. For refreshing during this zero time when you are tired of doing work or otherwise don’t feel like doing the main job in hand you need a hobby.

Hobby is an activity performed in this free time but out of your own interest. Every person can develop his hobby to his own interest and need, to earn income, name or fame or all of these.

Hobby can go a long way to improve your focus and concentration, improve your social relations at home or outside, can give you health and happiness benefits and many other indirect benefits.

26 Hobbies – You can start right now…

Bird watching:

Bird watching is a hobby that can make you appreciate the wonderful creation of God, the birds ,found in large variety  consisting of different sizes, beaks, shapes, colours and uttering different sounds, depending on the place and its climatic conditions.

You enjoy their colorful appearance  and their sweet chirping. Slowly you develop interest and understand their nature and habits. You just need spare time and careful sight to watch the birds.

It is not necessary that you have to go to some remote place or climb any hill or enter any jungle. You can start from watching through the window of your house, you can check birds in your garden, or any other place where you see the birds.

All you need the most is a good pair of binoculars that too only at later stage.


Blogging is a modern term used over the internet indicating the written material that is updated from time to time regularly.

Blogging can be started for fun but if taken seriously It can give you monetary return along with name and fame. You get sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, expression, improvement of your writing skills, to know the readers views etc. with the help of a blog.

Blogs can be written on any topic that is relevant to human beings, directly or indirectly, that you would like to share with others . All you need , is your imagination, writing skill and internet connection.

Making bonsai tree:

Bonsai tree is the miniature tree developed from seed, branch, or shrub. The easiest way to make such tree is from cutting an already growing tree and then planting it into special type of pot available in local market .

You can create a groove of such trees giving the form of jungle , or can grow fruit bonsai trees or any other form.

You need a pot and a plant, to start with along with love for plants. You really develop patience, maintaining the bonsai trees.

Cloud watching:

Cloud watching is totally  free of cost hobby. Watching clouds, static or moving ,with naked eyes is really refreshing. You not only refresh your eyes but relax your whole body also , when you watch clouds sitting or lying indoor or outdoor.

Though you can do so through the window also, sitting indoor. What you view, a bird, or an animal or a monk or whatever, depends on your imagination. You come to know the different types of clouds.

Clouds can be watched on sunny as well as cloudy days or nights. You don’t need anything except giving your time.

Composition of poem:

Composing poem is not that you need professional course to start with, for hobby. You can try to write when you are feeling awesome, you have countless feelings hidden inside you, you want to share something, you want to persuade someone, you want to vent out your anger etc.

In case you have some serious issue going on in your mind, you don’t have anyone to share or talk to, just try to write a small poem, with or without rhythm.

All you need is paper, pen or pencil. Just write on your facebook page or twitter, to follow the easiest way out.


You can use your free time reading newspaper, magazines or good books. You can read good articles/poems/stories on internet also. There are a numbers of benefits of reading as a hobby.


You can write small articles for your school or college magazine, newspapers etc. to share your thoughts and apply and polish your writing skills. All you need is paper, pen with your thoughts.


Calligraphy has attained special importance these days because of usage of computers in almost all the fields thus minimizing the scope of handwritten papers. Just take an ordinary pencil or pen and a piece of paper and you are ready to go for this hobby. Gradually, you can expand your work in pursuing this hobby.

Collage making:

Just tear out the pieces of your choice to create a wonderful collage. You just need old magazines and newspapers to start with.


You need writing chalks to create miniatures to cultivate this hobby.

Computer activities:

Parents often complain excessive use of mobile or computer by their kids. If there is something useful, it is really useful if kept in control. It becomes nuisance only when given excessive time and effort.

A child can learn everything good and useful leading to increase in his knowledge and creativity , if kept under parental control. He can learn to make, to express, view the desirable things. All you need for this is computer preferably with internet connection.


You just give enough attention to what you eat, how it is made and it turns out to involve yourself in making something to eat that is good, colorful , healthy and delicious. You just need routine material used in the kitchen.

To start with , simply take two pieces of bread, apply tomato sauce on one and sprinkle a little salt and pepper on it , covering it with the other piece and It is ready for offering to someone or at least yourself. Next time you try something else. You cook a packet of instant noodles. Next time you try adding some vegetables and spices to match your own taste. You eat apple, just cut it in style, you can try salad cutting as an activity giving you satisfaction.

With time the quality and variety will be added to your cook list. It is not limited to a particular gender only. Boys and girls are equally good cooks if they put time and effort. Another side, you save Mom’s time and trouble also.

Crocheting, knitting:

Just a thread and a crochet hook or knitting needles and you are ready to pursue a hobby that can give you immense satisfaction and happiness. You cannot get bored in your life time, it is a guarantee . You can make small or big pieces of crochet work or knitting for you own or to be given as gifts to your near and dear ones.

The thread, crochet hook and knitting needles come in variety of sizes and colors providing full scope to increase your creativity. You can decorate yourself or your home as well.

Besides adding to your satisfaction, happiness, creativity, this activity sharpens brain also by increasing mind and hands coordination. It will be helpful in your old age also. There is a warning, you get addicted to it resulting in lack of physical activity.

Crossword puzzles:

Solving a variety of puzzles appearing in magazines, newspapers, internet etc. surely increase and test your knowledge and sharpens your brain. But there is lack of physical activity and creativity.

Cross stitch embroidery:

Though every type of embroidery can be done to engage yourself, I have mentioned the Cross stitch embroidery as it is the easiest and controllable.

You just need one basic thing about this and you create a beautiful s, satisfying piece, to decorate anything. All you need is matty cloth, needle and threads. Like in case of Crocheting and kntting, you have ample scope for creativity in this too.


Dancing is the most beautiful physical activity if a person can do it.

You not only make yourself happy by dancing but make others also happy and appreciate you. You can be center of attraction in a social gathering , you can multiply  your fun at the party free of cost. You increase your physical strength by dancing and make your body healthy. Mentally you become more alert.

There are hundreds and thousands of videos available on internet to learn dance.

Drawing, sketching, painting:

Drawing  a good piece can be started from a scribble on the paper. All you need is your imagination and intent to draw. It is not necessary that you paint or draw from the very beginning as a professional. But, slowly you can learn to draw a really good piece . Same holds true for sketching and painting.

You don’t have to learn and pay heavily but you can learn from online courses available out there or by simply watching videos on internet. You require material like pencils, colors and sheets of paper only.


Cultivating the gardening hobby does not require a huge garden .

To start with, you can take a simple pot or even a small empty glass bottle you are ready to throw away after drinking soft drink or milk or cough syrup. You can take a cutting of ‘money plant’ ,put it in this bottle filled with clean water after thoroughly cleaning it  and it is ready, to greet you.

After a few days a new leaf will show its appearance. This new leaf will start showing you the benefit of cultivating this hobby and you will soon be discovering new options every day. After a long period of time you will realize its importance, how close you are to the nature, how beneficial it is for your mental and physical health.

Value addition:

Though Value addition is not a hobby specifically mentioned anywhere or taught anywhere but I give it a special importance. Value addition means giving or adding anything  a value in the sense that it is made more useful, more beautiful, or time saving, or made simple etc. You can call it making the best out of waste.

A simple round rock lying on road side can be picked up, painted and used as a paper weight. Two or three waste sheets of paper can be folded ,cut and then stapled together to make a simple reminder containing things to do, to be kept in your wallet .

You can add value to anything with imagination.

Macramé knotting:

How wonderful you feel about this hobby when you come to know that it is simply a type of knot you can tie in different forms and make wonderful pieces of decoration and useful articles.

You can use thread , string or rope for Macrame knotting. You can make beautiful friendship bands, plant hangers, to start with. Just find the relevant videos to learn this knot making hobby.

Playing a musical instrument:

Playing musical instruments can be fun and take you develop your passion to a full time money earning source depending on your efforts, creativity and skills. musical instrument.

Listening to good music:

You need a mobile phone with earphones or whatever is convenient to you.


You need cell phone with camera in the beginning, You don’t have to go anywhere specially to click pictures. Clicking a picture of a leaf, grass, flower, a tea cup, a cup of coffee, a child holding her mother’s hand can be some simple tasks to begin with.

Paper Beads:

You can take old magazines, newspapers, cut pieces, roll into beads and make jewellery articles, hangings for decoration etc.

People watching:

The hobby you will enjoy the most is to watch people. The people who are like you, who eat like you, breath like you, work like you, talk like you but are still different.

People are different by their feelings, by their interests, liking and disliking, skills and experience, their circumstances, their life stories. You can watch people around you.

Watch people anywhere , any time to understand how they behave to know more to understand more.It is really fulfilling.You don’t need anything to do this except your own interest and time.


What is needed for Zentangle? Just a piece of paper and pencil or pen. Start drawing whatever you feel like.


Though the list of these hobbies has been made keeping in view the level of readers, these can be real fun and fulfilling for anyone reading this article.





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