It is an effort to facilitate the learners by providing simple, easy and colourful study material. For this purpose, topics from Accountancy ,Business Studies have been presented here along with other interesting material.

    1. Types of Economic Activities
    2.  How to Pass Journal Entries?
    3.  Factors Affecting Performance in Exams.
    4.  Final Accounts of Sole Proprietor
    5.  Basic Accounting Theory
    6.  Basics of Accountancy for Beginners
    7.  Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory
    8.  Golden Thoughts for Success
    9.  An Easy Approach To Accountancy
    10.  16 Super Methods for Improving Memory
    11.  Business Studies Project on Marketing, Class 12th
    12.  Internal Trade(Brief Notes)
    13.  Class 12th Accountancy Sample Viva Questions – 2020
    14. Class 12th Sample Viva Questions in Business Studies-2020
    15. Class 12th Sample Questions for Accountancy Practical – 2020
    16. 10 Minutes Guidance Manual for Appearing in Board Exams.

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