Inder AgarwalLessons Learned From My First Job

Hello everyone!

Though It is my experience earned three years back ,I am writing about The Lessons Learned From My First Job, today.

I am fun loving guy and would never like to sit idle. So, after giving my class twelfth exams ,I thought of doing a job which would allow me to remain active and not allow me to sit idle. As I was only +2, with result awaiting, no other worthwhile job could I find so early. Without wasting anytime, I joined a courier service agency as a delivery boy. I thought it was an easy and interesting job, more over, I got this job in a minute.

From 6th April 2014, I started working there. It was my first experience of working under a person and along with other persons in an office. On the very first day ,I was very nervous thinking “How I’m going to do this work?” At the same time I was equally enthusiastic with a sparkle to get some sort of financial independence though for short period.

But the colleagues there were very cooperative. They made me feel comfortable on the first day itself. I started working .

I came into contact with many people, with different temperaments, as  I met almost new people daily. Some are of very good and attractive nature and some are of really irritating, repulsive and bad nature. As delivery boy, I had to be in direct contact with a variety of customers. Customer would sometimes, behave badly  due to one reason or another, mostly beyond my control.

But, My colleagues were so good though very senior to me in age, but they used to treat me as equal. We used to crack jokes and had fun while doing the work.

I worked for them till mid of June’14.

Lessons Learned:

It was a great experience to work there. In that very short span of time i.e. two and half months only, I got to know ,the value of interpersonal skills. “How to deal with different people at different times in different ways?”

In that period I got to know , “How to do work by shouldering responsibility?”

I came to know, “How to follow the orders of the superior?”

This job taught me “How to manage the time properly and fix the priorities?”

Though ,I started working to make myself busy but after working there I realize and see many changes in my nature and approach towards life.

This period changed my perspective for life.

The biggest lesson, It taught me is the value of the money and “How this money is earned?” I got to know how my parents were arranging the money for our survival and try to provide us everything. What efforts they put to make our life beautiful.

Author Bio: Inder Agarwal is an intelligent Graduate ,working in an MNC cum BPO now, who has firmly  decided to pursue Post Graduation only with his own hard earned money.