SouravFailure – The Best Teacher

In today’s world, everyone has an urge to win, to get ahead of others, to surpass everyone and wants to be at peak of success.

According to our education system, a student who flunked in exams has no future. If he had never topped the class, he doesn’t deserve to be successful. This word has got a negative room in student’s mind. Students just never wish to face any failure. They develop a rigid feeling about being wrong. They think that facing a failure means the end of life.

In reality, nobody knows the exact meaning of failure.

Failure is the best teacher in the universe. Why the failure takes place; because of attempting mistakes, because of taking wrong decisions, because of having less knowledge. I think Failure is the most positive and inspiring word. Nobody can teach you better than failure can.

It inspires me to do better and better. It teaches me not to take wrong decisions again, not to attempt the same mistake in future again and encourages me to grab as much knowledge as I can. Failure teaches us to be vigilant. Example can make anyone understand much better so let’s put up one.

Suppose you are working at a responsible position in a company. Sufficient authority and responsibility are handed over to you but you have a fear of ‘being wrong’ in your mind. This will resist you for taking risk, big decisions and ultimately from being successful. It will not let you express yourself.

But if you give your best without considering any failure, you will learn a lot. The wrong decisions will teach you to take rational decisions in future. Mistakes will make you learn more that helps you improve.

Just walking without ever having faced failure means you are not doing anything great. You are just doing the same everyday.

Your graph should move up or down, not standing constant at one point, even our heart-beats form waves as revealed by ECG report. So, how could you expect life to be a straight line.

It has been rightly said by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam that “Good decisions come from experiences, but experience comes from bad decisions.”

Don’t let any fear dominate your mind.  Go ahead fearlessly. Attempt mistakes, take wrong decisions but learn from them. Don’t let them go as just a bad dream. Take every failure positively. Failure means you are doing, not sitting idle.

You cannot achieve success without having failed. ‘Failure’ word is always before the word ‘success’ in dictionary. In the way of success, you will definitely meet a big failure before reaching to the destination. It’s upon you either to make failure your teacher or a fear that don’t let you go ahead.


Vital Is Knowledge Not The Percentage of Marks


In the 21st century, where the world is full of tough competition, everyone is in the race of going ahead of each other and this race gets started from the very beginning. It starts from the SCHOOL.

Now-a days, schools, colleges and coaching institutes prepare students only to score marks, to decorate their report cards with marks and to add ‘topper’ tag with their names.

But ,we all are missing something very important – THE KNOWLEDGE. We often hear a lot from our parents and elders: “Score good marks in exams”, “Marks will help you build your future” and so on. From the very beginning, students’ minds are conditioned to win the race by scoring higher than the others. And in between this, cramming is becoming the easiest way. They just cram the matter and quote it in exams.

Students are becoming a mere medium of copying the text from books on to the examination answer sheets. Now, it becomes a noticeable issue to change the conditioned minds of students. All the academic institutions may be schools, colleges or any other institute should make their students knowledge-oriented and not marks-oriented.

Students are being judged by their marks. We totally ignore their knowledge and ability to do something different. Marks are just numbers who demand words to state their meaning. According to our society, 100th rank means negative and 100% marks means success.

Numbers which do not have their own identity, how can they help you to develop your identity? Even the successful ones didn’t top the university, didn’t score the highest, never gave the importance to marks over knowledge but still they did better in life than who scored the highest.

No one is perfect in this universe but everyone is unique. Not only just numbers can decide your future. Just grasp the knowledge and apply it in the real world and show this world what you really are.


Comparison – With Whom?


We are living on planet Earth. ‘We’ are all living creatures that are approximately 7.5 billion in count and each and every creature possesses some unique quality .

You cannot even imagine how many people there are in this world that are totally different from you on different grounds like the mental level, physique, talent, skin tone, texture of hair, social level, economic level and so on.

Now think if you are comparing yourself with others, Is this going to put you in a better position? The answer would be straight NO.

Comparing yourself with others will take you nowhere but to a state full of negativity. From the childhood, parents or elders start comparing our performance with the others. We make the word ‘comparison’ a synonym of ‘competition’. Eventually , In the long run it becomes our habit of comparing ourselves with others.

Comparing yourself with others means you are just measuring your level on a wrong scale. Comparison just results in an nonconstructive state of mind. However, students still carry out with this absurd chore.  Sometimes you perform well but because of your childhood habit ‘Comparison’, you ignore your achievement and let others decide the result. Comparison only leads a conflict in your mind.

Let me take an example:

We all know that fish is the finest swimmer. Now what if you ask that fish to climb a tree. Its whole life will pass. Even then it will not be able to prove that it has something good in it, in this regard.

So what does that mean? Does it mean monkey is better than fish?

No, this enlightens us that no one is better than anyone else out there but everyone is unique.

Let me take another example:

You are well employed in a company and earning a good amount but you have that childhood habit fixed in your mind. You used to compare yourself with employees on higher position. With this habit, you will ignore your satisfaction and wish to get better than your seniors. At last, even when you get the position of CEO , you would look for other companies’ CEOs earning more than you.

Even in schools, if a teacher praises a student we start comparing ourselves with that student. On result days, we have a habit of inquiring marks of others and getting upset with our performance.

Comparing yourself with others just gives you dissatisfaction; eliminate peace of mind and triggers negativity.

But, Comparison is good.

Yes, comparison is good but only when you are measuring yourself on a right scale. In other words, compare your performance and development with yourself, with your previous performance. You are the right scale.

Compare your present performance with your past records. Compare how much you have developed from the past position. Compare your knowledge with what you had earlier. Have you learnt something new? Have you done something appreciable?

If no, then, you must do something.

Stop comparing yourself on the wrong scale when you have a right and accurate scale.


Author Bio: Sourav Kheterpal is class 12th student and has started writing articles as a hobby.








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