Q   What do you mean by objectives?

Q   Some say the objectives should be SMART. What does it mean?

Q   What do you mean by Planning?

Q   How does Planning reduce the risk of uncertainty?

Q   Explain whether Planning promotes or reduces creativity.

Q   What are the features of Planning?

Q   Explain the limitations of Planning.

Q   Explain the external limitations of Planning.

Q   How does Planning provide the base for future course of action ?

Q   Explain the steps in the process of Planning.

Q   What are the essentials of management objectives?

Q   What do you mean by planning premises?

Q   Define the terms: policy, rule, strategy, program, procedure, method, and budget.

Q   What is major policy?

Q   What do you mean by minor policy?

Q   What do you mean by single use plan and standing plan?

Q   Differentiate single use plan and standing plan.

Q   Which quality of employee is restricted by planning?

Q   Government is planning to construct a warehouse in remote area to store necessary goods. So as to make them available even at the time of bad weather regularly. What type of plan is it?

Q   How does planning provide direction?

Q   Planning function of management is conducted at which level of management ?

Q   One of the functions of management is considered as a base for all other functions. Name that Function.

Q   “Planning strangulates the initiative of the employees and compels them to work in an inflexible manner” Discuss.

Q   Which limitation of planning suggest that the employees stop thinking and become the blind followers of plan?

Q   In which type of plan the sequence to perform a job is determined?

Q   Which plans suggest action and non-action of employees?

Q   “No Smoking”, the statement is related to which type of plan?

Q     McDonald does not give its franchise to any other company which is running food business. This is Related to which type of plan?

Q     Name the type of plan which serve as a guide for overall business planning and define the future state of affair which the organization strives to realize?

Q   In which step of planning process the planners make prediction and assumptions regarding future?

Q   How should a manager select the best possible course of action?

Q   Without one function of management the controlling function is not possible. Name the concerned  function.

Q   Planning is an activity which enables a manager to look ahead and anticipate changes. Mention the benefit of planning highlighted here.

Q   Planning ensures clarity in thoughts and actions, works is carried on smoothly without interruptions. Which point of importance of planning is mentioned here?

Q   It helps the manager to look into future and make a choice among various alternative courses of action. Write the importance of planning indicated here.

Q   Planning lays down the base for other functions of management, which feature of planning is highlighted here?

Q   A plan is framed it is implemented and is followed by another plan and so on. Mention the feature of Planning indicated here?

Q   Which features of Planning is stressed by saying that planning is an intellectual activity of thinking  rather than doing?

 Write the values involved or ignored in the following cases:

Q   In order to reduce the cost, an organization is planning the following:

  • To reduce the charities to the social and religious institution.
  • To arrange skilled workers from outside inspite of semi-skilled local employees.
  • To increase the working hours.
  • To increase the rate of remuneration.

Q   Tobacco manufacturer is planning to sell its products outside the School & colleges.

Q   In an organization executive director takes all the decision himself. He does give order only to the subordinates.

Q   The CEO of an automobile enterprise dreams of his company becoming the best player in future, for which he sets the objectives, forecasts the future and develops various courses of action.

  • Identify the management function which is highlighted here.
  • What are the various values the CEO is striving to achieve?

Q   Reducing wasteful activities and establishing standards?


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