AanchalWhatever stream you may choose, you should put in your best efforts, which would surely lead to the path of success and make your life more meaningful. Those students who are interested in working with numbers and analyzing numeric data, who really aspire to become successful in career in financial and business world, are ideally compatible and suitable for Commerce stream.

Some students may choose Commerce stream for this reason. However, it is a fact that if they have a mind that is more suited to a career in the Humanities stream, or the Science stream, they would find it hard to survive and perform well in Commerce. Commerce as a stream is concerned with the study of trade and business activities. Students, who wish to take up Commerce stream should keep in mind that this is not an easy choice as compared to Science stream.

Both Science and Commerce are complex study areas in their own ways and cannot be compared. Hence, if a student wishes to pursue Commerce stream only because he feels that Science is not a suitable stream for him, there is a need to rethink his choice. But once taken, with thorough understanding of the requirements of the subjects, put in all your best efforts to become a good student aspiring for a better and successful career ahead.

Make the best use of time and opportunities. Make a habit of giving the time to all the subjects regularly. Keep on trying the numerical problems till a correct solution is found. Always learn the basic rules of different subjects with in depth knowledge. Make it a routine to keep track of all the major events happening outside to increase your general knowledge. Improve your communication skills and above all stay focused till your dream career is made.


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