The topic is based on numbers and deep understanding about the life’s reality. We all know that Total Percentage is taken as 100%. So let us assume 100 as a Total Population, which I state as 100 Persons.

In the whole world there are more number of persons who work for others and less who supervise others. Out of 100, 99 persons work for 1 Leader which shows that 99 persons  are part of crowd but only 1 person makes others do what he wants.

Now question arises , How that 1 person is different from the other 99?

It is simply based on some rules, principles, values & ethics towards life. There may be the chances that people forming the crowd are reading more books on motivation, leadership, inspiration or development. May be they devote more time to communicating with others and more discussions.

The fact is that, they are not implementing the same in real life. The rules, principals and the attitude of members of the crowd and leader are totally different.

The Key Rule or Principle is around only one word ‘RESPECT’.

One must have Respect :

  • Time
  • Parents
  • Elders
  • Younger
  • Society & Community

Basically, when you start giving ‘RESPECT to TIME’, you will truly start judging yourself. When a person starts working efficiently and effectively for approximately more than half of the day (i.e. minimum 13 hours a day) he ultimately achieves almost all his dreams & goals.

Similarly, when you start giving respect to persons younger to you , you get love, respect and co-operation from them. When you respect your elders, you make your place in their hearts. When you respect your parents, they see the efforts of their own hard work and devotion in your upbringing bearing the fruit. Same reaction is received from any other person in the society around you with whom so ever you are dealing.

When you respect everyone coming into your contact and start feeling gratitude about what you have, You start flourishing with positivity and success.

You may get hurdles while moving out of the crowd as crowd keeps on pulling you towards them. But if you successfully invest your precious time and energy in the right direction, you will achieve what you want.

So always remember :Respect Time and Everyone coming in your contact. Time is the most important factor which once gone will never come back. By respecting others ,you  multiply the results of your efforts and improve the relations ,which play ultimately the most important role in your life.

Dare to Dream Big and Try to Achieve Goals with 100% efforts to become that 1 Leader.

Author Bio:

Poonam Rishi, is Post Graduate in Commerce, pursuing Bachelor in Education.

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