Harrish SairamanSuccess can be tricky sometimes. Even when you prepare yourself in the best possible way, success can still be a far-fetching dream. It is hard for such people to witness others becoming successful even though they are not so talented. It is said that if you work hard, success will be at your feet.

But in real life, you cannot have success in everything by working hard. It is all about giving the best that you have in the best possible way.

It is not how much you have prepared yourself, it is how well you perform on the final day. To give the best performance, you need to be self-confident. Confidence is an inner quality that can catapult a person on the path of success with his limited talent and preparation.


How Is Success and Self-Confidence Connected?

Success is nothing but achieving your desired goals. If you fail to achieve your goals, you are unsuccessful in your life.

It can be winning a competition, score well in exams, getting your dream job, progressing in career, living a happy life or anything that you consider to be your personal or professional goals in life. Self-confidence is believing in your skills and abilities. Unless you believe in yourself, you can never achieve your goals.

The reason is that lack of confidence will pull you down to give your best performance every day so that you can reach near your goals step by step. Lack of confidence is going to cause a mental blockage and no matter how hard you prepare and how talented you are by nature, when it comes to performance, you will always restrain yourself from giving the best you could have given.

We live in a very competitive world where you have limited opportunities and common goals. You have to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach the pinnacle of success by achieving your desired goals.

There is no scope for under performing or missing even 1% of the best performance you can put up every day. Once you fail to put up the performance that could have made you achieve your goals, someone else is going to take your place because he has given the best he could, thanks to his full self-confidence and his best is always going to be better than yours.

Self-confidence motivates you to perform better than you imagine, the ability to overcome your fear and face any situation, to push to stretch your limit and set the bar high and that x-factor that drives people to success.


The Difference Between Self Confidence and Over Confidence

Self-confidence is believing in your skills and abilities and preparing yourself to give the best you have.

Over-confidence is blindly believing and over-estimating your skills and abilities that can actually leave you under prepared and under perform.

Self-confidence is based on the reality while over-confidence is a virtual thing of your imagination.

The difference between self-confidence and over-confidence can be understood clearly by the statements ‘I can do this’ and ‘Only I can do this’. If you believe that only you can do it and you don’t need to prepare yourself any further, you are definitely over-confident and when someone else does the unexpected, it is going to be your downfall.

But even when you know that you are best at something and still you prepare yourself to outperform anyone and everyone that challenges you, you are grounded to the reality and your self-confidence will drive you to perform better than your best.

Along with over-confidence, under-confidence is also a killer. If you doubt continuously about your skills and abilities and restrain yourself thinking that you will fail, you can never succeed in anything. You will always settle for the second best thing that could have happened to you and your life will be full of regrets for not realizing your full potential due to your constant doubting yourself and being in a state of under-confidence.


Examples Where Self-Confidence Thrived

One of the classic examples of self-confidence that we learn from our school days is when debate competitions are held. Even if you are a topper in your class and you prepared yourself in the best possible way for the debate topics, if you lack the self-confidence of presenting yourself in front of the audiences, another student who may not be so talented as you are academically, can beat you left and right just by his self-confidence of performing publicly.

Take for example the people who did something for the first time ever like Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbing Mt. Everest, Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, all the renowned scientists researching and bringing out innovative products in the market, if it was not for their self-confidence, they would have been doubting their skills and no one would have known their name and their deeds.

In every walk of life, your self-confidence will help you win and be successful whether it is striking a deal with your client, performing in front of a crowd, progressing in your career and even leading a happy life.


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Harrish Sairaman is a well-known motivational teacher in India, helping many to achieve which once seemed unachievable like increase motivation, leadership, Corporate Performance, decrease stress etc. through Leadership training programs & Corporate training, Entrepreneur Coaching and Individual Coaching to name a few. His ability to deliver life changing, scientifically sound, relevant and metaphysical messages in a powerful, humorous and insightful manner integrated with high energy has earned him a reputation of bringing about a difference with a difference.

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