1. Sample Answer Sheet (2014)
  2. Sample Answer Sheet (2015)
  3. Sample Answer Sheet (2016)
  4. Sample Answer Sheet (2017)
  5. Sample Answer Sheet (2019)

C.B.S.E. Sample Papers

C.B.S.E. has changed the design of the Question paper in such a manner that the student who has prepared well for the exam. cannot complain of lack of time to complete the paper. A sample answer sheet has been prepared to guide the students in this regard. Student may add the relevant diagrams with the answers.

  1. Solved Business Studies Class 12th 2016 Sample Paper
  2. C.B.S.E. Sample Paper 2015-16 with Marking Scheme(Solved)
  3. C.B.S.E. Sample Paper 2016-17 with Marking Scheme(Solved)
  4. C.B.S.E. Sample Paper 2017-18
  5. C.B.S.E. Marking Scheme(2017-18, Solved)
  6. C.B.S.E. Sample Paper 2018-19            Marking Scheme 
  7. C.B.S.E. Sample Paper 2019-20           Marking Scheme



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