commerceateaseCommerceatease site came into existence to meet the needs of those students of Commerce who cannot afford costly private coaching facilities, and to meet a teacher’s urge to do something valuable .

After teaching for twenty five years, I can say that there are multiple factors responsible for the success of a student in examinations.

Here at Commerceatease, I don’t promise for instant results or ready made solutions but a promise to  act as a friend and at the same time to guide the students to learn on their own.

This website is not a substitute of teacher. The student must use books along with the study material made available here.

What it has tried to eliminate is, the dependence on sources other than regular classes in school and books, thus, saving time, effort and money of the students and their parents.

Dedicating this site to my parents, who have taught me the positive values including the dedication to work, I hope to make the students understand the truth:

No one can stop you if you are willing to learn and No one can make you learn if you are not ‘.

I declare that, this site is free for everyone and all efforts will be made to keep it free.

I thank all those, who have been instrumental in laying the foundation of this site and have helped me directly or indirectly and above all, my family members who have always supported me in my pursuits by all means.

Since, It is a one person, non-profit venture , some formatting errors may kindly be excused.

I hereby, invite all those who wish to render a helping hand, in the same spirit ,to improve this website by giving honest feedback, suggestions, sending useful links etc.

All your genuine e-mails will be replied to.

Prabhjot Kaur

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