Partnership Accounting – Reconstitution

///Partnership Accounting - Reconstitution
15 09, 2019

OTQs – Retirement/Death of Partner

Profit or loss that arises before the retirement or death of a partner is shared by all the partners in their profit – sharing ratio because it had arisen before the partner retired or died.
15 09, 2019

OTQs – Admission of New Partner

Capital accounts of partners can be maintained following either Fixed Capital Accounts Method or Fluctuating Accounts Capital Method.
15 09, 2019

OTQs – Change in Profit Sharing Ratio

General Revenue existing in the Balance Sheet is transferred to Capital Accounts of partners in old profit-sharing ratio as it is from the effort of the partners before the reconstitution of partnership firm.
15 09, 2019

OTQs – Valuation of Goodwill

According to AS-26 only purchased goodwill is accounted in the books of account. Self-generated goodwill is not accounted as its value is subjective in nature.
12 02, 2016

Reconstitution of Partnership Firm

Whenever there is a change in the relation of partners partnership is said to be reconstituted.
11 02, 2016

Adjustments on Death of Partner

The accounting adjustments required at the time of death of a partner are same as in case of retirement. The main difference is regarding the estimated profit calculated for the period from the date of last Balance Sheet to the date of death.
11 02, 2016

Estimated Profit on Death of Partner

Calculation of share of profits from the date of last Balance Sheet up to the date of death. This profit can be calculated by............
11 02, 2016

Deceased Partner’s Capital Account

Deceased Partner's Executor is to be paid immediately or in installments, depending on the terms.
11 02, 2016

Adjustments on Retirement of a Partner

All the issues that need adjustment in case of retirement of a partner are similar to that in case of admission of a new partner but ..............
11 02, 2016

New Profit Sharing Ratio on Retirement of Partner

New profit sharing ratio can sometimes be given in case of retirement or the share of gain to remaining partners can guide us to calculate new profit sharing ratio.
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