Business Services

5 02, 2017

Electronic Banking Services

Electronic Banking Services are the special services under the Internet Banking or E-banking, like providing debit card, use of credit card, NEFT, RTGS etc.
5 02, 2017

Insurance – Meaning, Importance and Types

Insurance is an auxiliary to trade, removing the hindrance in trade. Is has gained special importance in modern business involving a large investment in variety of assets. It is also the biggest service industry rarely going into losses.
25 08, 2016

Banking Functions and Types of Bank Accounts

Banks perform variety of functions besides accepting deposits and granting loans and advances. Banks usually help the customers by opening saving deposit account, current deposit account, fixed deposit account and recurring deposit account apart from the combination of the saving and fixed deposit accounts.
25 08, 2016

Bank – Meaning, Importance and Types

Bank plays an important role in the development of business as well as in the economic development of the country . Banks are of many types:central bank, commercial banks, private as well as public sector banks.
10 06, 2016

Transportation-Meaning,Modes and Importance

Transportation is an auxiliary to trade that helps in taking goods and people from one place to another, solving the problems of shortage and surplus and maintaining the price stability.
10 06, 2016

Warehousing – Meaning,Need and Types

Warehousing is one of the important auxiliaries to trade. ‘Warehousing’ refers to the activities involving storage of goods on a large scale in a systematic and orderly manner and making them available conveniently when needed.
7 06, 2016

Communication – Meaning,Importance and Means

Communication services is the most important auxiliary to trade. No business can exist without a good communication system.
11 02, 2016

Business Services – Questions

Q. Explain the difference between goods and services. Q. What is banking? Q. What is meant by insurance? Q. Explain the two main functions of banking. Q. Explain the different types of warehouse
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