Forms of Business Organization

///Forms of Business Organization
5 02, 2017

Suitability of Different Forms of Organization

The choice of a particular form of organisation depends on a number of factors, making each form suitable for some special type of business.
7 06, 2016

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – Meaning and Features

Limited Liability Partnership is of hybrid form , a combination of partnership firm and company form of organisation, taking the benefits of both forms.
21 03, 2016

Cooperative Society-Meaning,Merits and Demerits

The cooperative society is compulsorily required to be registered under the Cooperative Societies Act 1912. For setting up a cooperative society the consent of at least ten adult persons to form a society is required.
18 03, 2016

Partnership Firm-Features,Merits and Demerits

All the partners of a firm are the joint owners of the business. They all have an equal right to actively participate in its management. Every partner has a right to act on behalf of the firm.
18 03, 2016

Joint Hindu Family Business(H.U.F.)

Joint hindu family business refers to a form of organisation owned and carried on by the members of the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF).The basis of membership in the business is birth in a particular family.
18 03, 2016

Sole Propreitorship-Features,Merits and Demerits

Sole-propreitorship requires less amount of capital. Sole proprietorship is particularly common in areas of personalised services such as beauty parlours, hair saloons and small scale activities like running a retail shop in a locality.
11 02, 2016

Forms of Business Organization – Questions

Q. Explain the features of sole proprietorship. Q. Write the merits and limitations of sole proprietorship form of organization. What is unlimited liability? Q. What are the problems of sole proprietorship form which gave rise to the partnership?
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