Marketing Function

10 06, 2016

Branding – Meaning, Features and Advantages

Branding occupies an important role in making a business enterprise known in the market and to improve the market standing. It must be concentrated upon to reap the maximum benefits.
10 06, 2016

Packaging – Meaning, Levels and Functions

Packaging can be defined as “A set of tasks or activities which are concerned with the designing, production of an appropriate wrapper, container or bag for the product”
7 06, 2016

Advertising – Importance and Objections

Advertising is the most effective tools of promotion of sales of a business enterprise. Is is also one of the aids to trade.
11 02, 2016

Marketing – Questions

Q. Why do producers produce the product? Q. Define the terms: marketers, market, marketing activities. Q. Classify various types of markets. Q. How is marketing different from selling and shopping?
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