General Guidance for Accountancy – Class 12th

///General Guidance for Accountancy - Class 12th
14 09, 2019

Blueprint and Format of Accountancy Paper 2020

For Accountancy, students should not think that there will be theory questions only rather there can be detailed and numerical type questions .
18 01, 2019

Accountancy Class 12th Viva Questions (2020)

Students must practice answering these questions for preparing viva exam.
12 01, 2019

Questions for Class 12th Accountancy Practical (2020)

Students of class 12th are required to attempt written questions also for their Accountancy Practical. This is a question bank for such questions.
26 11, 2017

Project on Segment Reporting

C.B.S.E. has issued guidelines for preparing Projects including Segment Reporting. A student must collect data on segments like: Segment Revenue, Segment Profit etc. Here are some theory and numerical questions on segment reporting and other guidelines for project Segment Reporting.
27 10, 2016

Project Work in Accountancy Class 12th

Class 12th students have to prepare three projects for their Accountancy exam.,one comprehensive and two specific projects covering the use of two tools of financial analysis.
12 04, 2016

12th Class Accountancy Syllabus 2019-20

Accountancy Syllabus Class 12th includes Theory and Project Work of 80 marks and 20 marks respectively, to be covered in the whole academic session of one year.
10 04, 2016

How to Score Good Marks in Accountancy ?

While making statements and accounts numerical figures must be written perfectly in symmetry one below the first to make the addition quickly, ones digits below the ones, tens digits below the tens and so on. Totals may be written with pencil before finalizing.
10 02, 2016

Time Saving Tips for Calculations

A student must know some time saving calculation techniques to complete exam. in the given time. Here are some simple techniques for this purpose.
10 02, 2016

20 Company Annual Reports for Project Work

12th Class students require Annual Reports of companies for completing their project work. Here are annual reports of 20 companies for the Board Examination to be held in March, 2018. Latest reports will be linked soon.
22 01, 2016

Common Mistakes in 12th Accountancy Exam.

Most common mistakes made by the students attempting 12th Accountancy exam. have been mentioned here.
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