General Guidance

/General Guidance
30 12, 2018

Commerce Student Helpline 24×7

Students want to get their answers replied immediately and precisely but they find it difficult to do so. Here are some questions with ready answers.
8 12, 2018

Important Links for Commerce Students

Important links for Commerce Students have been listed here for your convenience.
8 11, 2018

If You Lack Inspiration or Motivation to Study

Here is a list of some persons who have exhibited unlimited patience, strong determination and who worked to do something meaningful, to achieve more, to inspire others and to be of value to the society.
6 11, 2018

Project Work in Commerce

Project Work in Commerce subjects have been introduced to make students appreciate the practical knowledge and link their theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects .
4 11, 2018

Examination Guidance

This space provides to you, the links to all that you need to prepare for your exams and pass with good score. For more such stuff, use search box of this website.
4 11, 2018

Stress Management – For Students

Stress is posing a major threat to a large number of students who lose the precious time and the fruit of their efforts. This space provides the links to simple, easy and effective self-help articles […]

25 06, 2017

Commerceatease FAQs

The purpose of this site is to provide academic and general guidance to the Commerce students of Classes 11th and 12th .
10 05, 2017

5 Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once

Here is a small collection of 5 Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once. These days the art of book reading is losing its charm due to fast development of technological games and gadgets. People […]

16 04, 2017

Message to Parents of Class Tenth Students Regarding Choice of Stream

A large number of students and parents alike ,decide the choice of stream in haste, after the students pass class tenth. They are carried away by the little knowledge they get from here and there about the Commerce Stream.
3 01, 2017

216 Abbreviations for Commerce Students

This list of 216 Abbreviations for Commerce Students has been compiled keeping in view the level expected from a senior school student, his interest, his knowledge etc.
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