Sources of Business Finance

21 02, 2016

Factors Affecting Source of Finance

The dividend on preference shares is not tax deductible, interest paid on debentures and loan is tax deductible and may, therefore, be preferred by organizations seeking tax advantage.
20 02, 2016

International Financing-Different Sources

International finance can be arranged through various international sources- like commercial banks, ADR,GDR,IDR etc.
19 02, 2016

Specialized Financial Institutions Operating in India

There are many specialized financial institutions operating in India. These are also called development banks.
18 02, 2016

Specialized Financial Institutions – Functions and Merits

Specialized financial institutions are also called development banks and have a special role to perform for the development of business and industry of the country.
17 02, 2016

Factoring-Meaning,Merits and Limitations

Factoring is a source of short term finance related to realization of debtors .
17 02, 2016

Lease Financing-Meaning,Merits and Limitations

Lease is a contract whereby one can use the assets of the other with due permission of the owner on payment of rent without purchasing them.
16 02, 2016

Retained Earnings-Ploughing Back of Profits

Retained earnings is the part of profits of the company that is retained out of profits of the company for future use thus reinvestment also called ploughing back of profits or retention of profit.
15 02, 2016

Commercial Paper (CP)

Commercial paper is an unsecured promissory note issued by a firm to raise funds for a short period, varying from 90 days to 364 days.
14 02, 2016

Public Deposits

Public deposits do not have any charge on the assets of the concern. On the part of depositors, it may not always be safe to deposit savings with companies particularly those, which are not very sound financially.
13 02, 2016

Borrowing from Commercial Banks

Banks require personal guarantee or pledge of assets while granting loans. So the business cannot raise further loans thus it reduces the borrowing capacity of the business.
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