Planning – Function of Management

///Planning - Function of Management
11 02, 2016

Planning – Questions

Q What do you mean by objectives? Q Some say the objectives should be SMART. What does it mean? Q What do you mean by Planning? Q How does Planning reduce the risk of uncertainty? Q Explain whether Planning promotes or reduces creativity.
11 02, 2016

Planning – Meaning and Features

Planning is required at all levels of management as well as in all departments of the organization. It is not a function of top management only.
11 02, 2016

Process of Planning

The ideal plan, would be the most feasible, profitable and with least negative consequences like cost and time. In such cases, subjectivity and the manager’s experience, judgment and intuition play an important.......
11 02, 2016

Importance of Planning

Planning provides the goals or standards against which actual performance is measured. By comparing actual performance with some standard, managers can know whether they have actually been able to attain the goals.
11 02, 2016

Limitations of Planning Function

Planning sometimes fail inspite of all precautions while formulating plans as well as while implementing the same. The limitations can arise from within or outside the business enterprise.
11 02, 2016

Types of Managerial Plans

Every main plan includes many small sub plans. Objectives, policies, rules, programmes, procedures, budgets are some such plans.
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