‘The Day before Examination’ is one of the scariest day for the students. Obviously, they have a lot of pressure for performing well in the examination. But it doesn’t mean that students should stop enjoying examinations.

Examination is a way to test and measure the knowledge, skills and aptitude etc. of the students. Examination is a set of challenges for the students to show their knowledge, skills and strength. Examinations and challenges are not limited up to the school and college life rather it is a lifelong phenomena, there being the changes only in the name and method of taking examinations time to time. So, Guys! No need to be afraid of examinations.

Most of the students become frustrated, angry, and tense before examinations. There are a lot of reasons behind this kind of behaviour of the students. The most common reasons are – improper preparation, tough subject, no interest in the subject, and too vast syllabus etc.

‘The day before the examination’ is not the day to think about all these. So, leave all the tensions and try to stay cool with balance of mind but it does not mean that you stop preparing for the examinations and have chill with friends, watch movies, etc.

Ideal way of preparation is to stay awake for all the knowledge with open, positive, tension free and happy mindset. It is not possible to learn and go through the entire contents of the syllabus in ‘The day before the examination’. Trick to keep the things going on is to analyse, think, make imaginary images and scenarios in the mind, making comparisons with other relates topics, think and link the topics. Doing preparation like this way will give long lasted results, not only for examination but also for the future.

Frustration and fearing the examinations is not the solution. Keeping things simple during the examination is the best way to score good marks. Do whatever you feel like or need to freshen up your mood. Even during the examination you can keep yourself tension free. If you get stuck somewhere during the exam, just close your eyes and take 2-3 deep breaths and try to  recollect imaginary images and scenarios, comparison about the things which you did during the preparation and keep your mind relaxed. You will again be normal and at peace very soon.

So, no need to panic, neither before nor during the examination. Enjoy the examination also and expect good result. Examinations are essential step in your towards your goal. Just take it as a challenge and cultivate positive attitude for this. All the best….
– Ravi Dev

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