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18 08, 2018

8 Simple Money Management Tips for Students

As soon as we get enrolled in a vocational course, a lot of things change abruptly and we are not only speaking about the depth of your subjects. Many of you even join colleges outside […]

21 07, 2018

Best Online Courses for K-12 Students to Excel in Academics

If K-12 students pursue academics online via different online private school, they can be benefitted in different ways. Read more to how these schools are helpful for them.
28 06, 2018

Demonetisation – Meaning and Features

Demonetisation is defined as an economic policy or the process through which the central government¬† cancels the legal tender status of a currency unit in circulation. After demonetisation, that currency unit cannot be used as […]

9 06, 2018

Financial Market – Meaning and Types

Business needs finance from the conception of idea to start it . It needs finance for the establishment, running, expansion, modernisation and diversification of business in the form of working capital as well as fixed […]

9 06, 2018

Financial and Non-Financial Incentives

Financial incentives and non-financial incentives are used differently to motivate different levels of employees under different circumstances.
9 06, 2018

Maslow’s Theory of Motivation

Abraham H Maslow has explained his famous theory of motivation with the help of five types of human needs.
9 06, 2018


All good leaders may not necessarily posses all the qualities of a good leader. It is not possible for any individual to have all the qualities. But a person possessing such qualities definitely helps a person in becoming a good leader.
9 06, 2018


Motivation as an element of Directing contributes towards achievement of goals of the management by encouraging the employees for better performance.
9 06, 2018


Supervision is the first element of Directing that contributes to putting the plans of management into action.
3 06, 2018

Use of Diagrams in Business Studies Exam.

Students can score more marks in Exams. by drawing diagrams that are neat, clear and suitable depending on the topic. Diagrams definitely attract the attention of the examiner over and above anything.
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