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16 11, 2019

OTQs – Ratio Analysis

Quick Assets are those Current Assets of an enterprise which are either in the form of Cash and Bank Balance or can be converted into Cash and Bank Balance within a short period.
16 11, 2019

OTQs – Cash Flow Statement

Payment for purchase of fixed asset is classified or shown as investing activity for both Non-Financing and Financing Company.
22 09, 2019

OTQs – Accountancy Class 11 by

Reason: Depreciation is fall in the book value of assets due to wear and tear or obsolescence. It is written off in a systematic manner over its estimated useful life.
22 09, 2019

OTQs – Comparative Financial Statements

Profitability is shown by Statement of Profit and Loss. Common Size Statement is prepared to show percentage of items of Statement of Profit and Loss to a common base (Revenue from Operations) of the same year.
16 09, 2019

OTQs – Accounting for Debentures

‘Premium on Redemption of Debentures Account’ is a personal account since it is payable to Debenture holders.
16 09, 2019

OTQs – Accounting for Share Capital

Subscribed Capital is a part of Issued Capital which the company has issued for cash or for consideration other than cash.
15 09, 2019

OTQs – Dissolution of Partnership Firm

No one is allowed to disobey the law of the country hence if any firm is engaged in unlawful business then it must be compulsory dissolved.
15 09, 2019

OTQs – Retirement/Death of Partner

Profit or loss that arises before the retirement or death of a partner is shared by all the partners in their profit – sharing ratio because it had arisen before the partner retired or died.
15 09, 2019

OTQs – Admission of New Partner

Capital accounts of partners can be maintained following either Fixed Capital Accounts Method or Fluctuating Accounts Capital Method.
15 09, 2019

OTQs – Change in Profit Sharing Ratio

General Revenue existing in the Balance Sheet is transferred to Capital Accounts of partners in old profit-sharing ratio as it is from the effort of the partners before the reconstitution of partnership firm.
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