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19 09, 2017

Dimensions of Business Environment

Dimensions/components/Elements of business environment are the economic, social, technological, political and legal conditions that affect decision-making of an enterprise and constitute the general environment of the business .
17 09, 2017

Business Environment – Features and Importance

Business environment is changing very fast like turbulent market conditions, less brand loyalty, more demanding customers, rapid changes in technology and global competition. To effectively cope with these changes, managers must develop suitable courses of action.
10 09, 2017

How to Solve Case Studies in Business Studies?

Case study questions involving various topics and chapters in Business Studies are becoming a reason to create panic in students but there is nothing like this.

Board expects the students to have thorough knowledge of the […]

5 02, 2017

Electronic Banking Services

Electronic Banking Services are the special services under the Internet Banking or E-banking, like providing debit card, use of credit card, NEFT, RTGS etc.
5 02, 2017

Suitability of Different Forms of Organization

The choice of a particular form of organisation depends on a number of factors, making each form suitable for some special type of business.
5 02, 2017

Insurance – Meaning, Importance and Types

Insurance is an auxiliary to trade, removing the hindrance in trade. Is has gained special importance in modern business involving a large investment in variety of assets. It is also the biggest service industry rarely going into losses.
25 08, 2016

Banking Functions and Types of Bank Accounts

Banks perform variety of functions besides accepting deposits and granting loans and advances. Banks usually help the customers by opening saving deposit account, current deposit account, fixed deposit account and recurring deposit account apart from the combination of the saving and fixed deposit accounts.
25 08, 2016

Bank – Meaning, Importance and Types

Bank plays an important role in the development of business as well as in the economic development of the country . Banks are of many types:central bank, commercial banks, private as well as public sector banks.
21 07, 2016

Formal Organisation and Informal Organisation

Informal organization cannot be altogether eliminated. The management should skillfully take advantage of both the formal and informal organization so that work continues smoothly.
21 07, 2016

Functional and Divisional Organisation Structure

Organisation Structure is of mainly two types, Functional Structure and Divisional Structure. Both the types can be suitable under different set of circumstances.
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