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21 07, 2016

Importance of Organizing

Organizing is a process by which the manager brings order out of chaos, removes conflicts among people over work and creates an environment suitable for teamwork.
10 06, 2016

Transportation-Meaning,Modes and Importance

Transportation is an auxiliary to trade that helps in taking goods and people from one place to another, solving the problems of shortage and surplus and maintaining the price stability.
10 06, 2016

Different Types of Leadership Style

Leadership Style depends on the extent of authority given to the followers or the subordinates of the leader. It can be Autocratic, Free Rein or the middle path between these two extremes - Democratic style.
10 06, 2016

Communication as Element of Direction

Communication refers to the process by which a person (known as sender) transmits information or messages to another person (known as receiver).
10 06, 2016

Warehousing – Meaning,Need and Types

Warehousing is one of the important auxiliaries to trade. ‘Warehousing’ refers to the activities involving storage of goods on a large scale in a systematic and orderly manner and making them available conveniently when needed.
10 06, 2016

Branding – Meaning, Features and Advantages

Branding occupies an important role in making a business enterprise known in the market and to improve the market standing. It must be concentrated upon to reap the maximum benefits.
10 06, 2016

Packaging – Meaning, Levels and Functions

Packaging can be defined as “A set of tasks or activities which are concerned with the designing, production of an appropriate wrapper, container or bag for the product”
7 06, 2016

Advertising – Importance and Objections

Advertising is the most effective tools of promotion of sales of a business enterprise. Is is also one of the aids to trade.
7 06, 2016

Communication – Meaning,Importance and Means

Communication services is the most important auxiliary to trade. No business can exist without a good communication system.
7 06, 2016

Social Responsibility of Business

Business is socially responsible towards different sections of society like, customers, government, suppliers, general public etc. It has to take care of all in society.
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