lockerDigilocker is a free government scheme as a part of the Digital India move of Prime Minister Narendra Modi whereby , a virtual vault has been provided in cyberspace for keeping the documents like birth certificates,  property papers, school and college leaving certificates, residence and marriage proof and even PAN cards, safely.

DIGI Locker, is a website where various documents issued by government can be stored in digitized format using a Digilocker account, using Aadhaar card as identification.

Anyone can open Digilocker account with the authentication of Aadhaar No. A person can conveniently see his certificates online. Various agencies will also be able to issue and then push documents into the locker. These can be shared electronically.

It is Digital Locker i.e. electronic locker like bank account, used to store documents instead of cash, thus eliminates physical handling of documents and all other problems associated with physical delivery, bringing at the same times all problems and precautions needed to work online.

Thus, Digilocker facilitates issuing, uploading, signing and sharing the documents electronically eliminating many formalities related to physical documents.

Digilocker has the following main objectives:

•  To enable digital empowerment of residents by providing them with Digital Locker .

•  To enable e-Signing of documents.

•  To make them available electronically.

•  To minimize the use of physical documents.

•  To ensure authenticity of the e-documents eliminating usage of fake documents.

•  To secure access to Govt. issued documents through a web portal .

•  To reduce administrative expenses of Govt. departments and agencies.

•  To facilitate anytime, anywhere access to the documents by the resident

•  To make sharing of documents across departments and agencies, easy.

•  To ensure privacy and authorized access to residents’ data.

To sign up for your Digital Locker, Aadhaar number and a mobile number linked to that Aadhaar number are required.

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