Living a meaningful Life Whenever I close my eyes to think about what life is ,my mind stops at the only one thought that ,  Life is an Art. Life is not merely the process of eat ,drink and be merry, it is more than that. Life is very complex but meaningful process.

Every person is bestowed with different set of resources including his circumstances and qualities, to pass through the different conditions and stages of life. These resources can be parents, financial status and your social circle. It is the judicious use of all such resources to the maximum in achieving the goals of personal happiness ,social well being and national development, that gives life the meaning.

How well a person handles all these resources further affects his success in living this life and makes life an art. So, this art must be practiced and constant effort should be made to make every new day more effective than the previous one.

You can’t choose your parents, but you can choose the other resources. Rest of the resources can be multiplied in your life. This multiplication process can be handled by you that depends on some basic qualities by you.

One of the best quality a student should cultivate is Attention. He should be attentive in class as well as in society. He should be a keen observer of the events happening around him to understand their causes and effects.

Boldness is the ability to say the right thing at the right time at the right place fearlessly. It is also one of the essentials of good communication.

He should be confident of himself, his capacity and his knowledge ,that must be utilized for his well being. He should not depend on others what he can do on his own.

He should have the strong determination to achieve the goals set by him for living his meaningful life.

If these basic qualities of attention, boldness, confidence and determination are cultivated, rest of the qualities like courage, self-control, self-respect, efficiency can follow and fill the life with fragrance of goodness and well being.

Every student should do some type of work at home, school and in society. Working creates an emotional bond among different persons. It gives mental satisfaction also.

Everyone should cultivate some hobby that involves not only the mental skills but manual skills also, that helps you appreciate the beauty of nature, like gardening, bird watching etc. Appreciating nature gives us mental peace and satisfaction thus helping improve our bond with other human beings also.

Never distrust your parents, friends and teachers. They are there for your betterment. Socially, they are always your guides. They are your real well-wishers. Don’t ignore their advice and suggestions , these are purely in your interest.

I hope , if every student keeps these in mind while dealing with others, he can live life that is peaceful, happy and  meaningful.

Life is Worth Living





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