Economic objectives of business refer to the objective of earning profit and creation of customers, regular innovations and best possible use of available resources.

1.Profit Earning

Without profit no business can survive in a competitive market. Profits help businessmen to earn their living and to expand their business activities by reinvesting a part of the profits.

2. Creation of customers

A business unit can survive only if  there are customers to buy the products and services. It can be done only if quality goods and services are provided at the reasonable prices.


In a dynamic world an enterprise can be successful only by adapting itself to the changing environment ,by improvement in products, process of production and distribution of goods.

4.Optimum use of resources

Business activities require various financial and non-financial resources like men, materials, money and machines that must be utilized to the maximum.. It can be done by employing efficient workers, handling the machinery in the best possible manner and minimizing wastage of raw materials.


Social objectives are those objectives of business, which are desired to be

achieved for the benefit of the society:

1. Production and supply of quality goods and services

The objective of business should be to produce better quality goods and supply them at the right time, at a right price.

2. Adoption of fair trade practices

Activities such as hoarding, black-marketing and overcharging, misleading advertisements bring a bad name and sometimes make the businessmen liable for penalty and even imprisonment under the law. So, a businessman should adopt fair trade practices for the welfare of the consumers as well as the society.

3.General welfare of the society

Business enterprise should work for the general welfare of the society like running schools and colleges for better education, opening vocational training centres , establishing hospitals for medical facilities and providing recreational facilities for the general public like parks, sports complexes etc.


Human objectives refer to the objectives concerned with the well-being of employees, disabled, handicapped and people who are deprived of proper education and training

1. Fair remuneration to the employees

Employees must be provided with fair remuneration and incentives for performance, benefits of provident fund, pension and other amenities like medical facilities, housing facilities etc. so that the employees are satisfied and give their best to the business.

2. Social and psychological satisfaction of employees

Employees can be satisfied also, by making the job interesting and challenging, putting the right person in the right job and reducing the monotony of work. Grievances of employees should be handled promptly and their suggestions heard seriously.

3. Development of human resources

Professional growth of employees growth requires proper training and development. So, it is important that business should arrange training and development programmes for its employees.

4. Helping socially and economically backward people

There are a number of ways to help such people like ,vocational training programme may be arranged for backward people in the community. Business units can also help and encourage meritorious students by awarding scholarships for higher studies.

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