Meaning of Packaging

Packaging can be defined as “A set of tasks or activities which are concerned with the designing, production of an appropriate wrapper, container or bag for the product”

Levels of packaging

  1. Primary packaging

It refers the immediate packing of product. It remains with product till it is used.

Example: Tube of paste, match box etc.

  1. Secondary packaging

This is additional packing which give more protection. Consumers throw that when they start using the product.

Example: Card board box used to keep tooth paste. People throw box when start using box.

  1. Transportation packaging

This is packaging used for storing or transporting the goods. This packing gives protection to goods.

Example: Corrugated boxes used to shift Ruffle Lays, Kurkure etc.

 Importance of Packaging

1. Rising Standard of Health and Sanitation:

Because of the increasing standards of living in the country, more and more people have started purchasing packed goods as the chances of adulteration in such goods are minimized.

2. Self Service Outlets:

The Self Service Outlets are becoming very popular. In these stores generally products with attractive packing are picked by buyer more quickly.

3. Product Differentiation:

Packing helps the customers to differentiate between goods on the basis of quality as with the type of quality as with attractive packing by buyers more quickly.

4. Innovational Opportunities:

Recent developments in packaging have completely changed the marketing. For example new packing in soft drinks, chips, biscuits keep them fresh for a longer period. Even milk can be stored for 4-5 days without refrigeration scope of marketing is increasing with new innovation in packing.

Functions of Packaging

  1. Protection:

The fundamental functions of packaging is that it protects the product from damage.

  1. Identification:

With the help of packaging the product can be easily identified.

  1. Convenience:

It makes it convenient to store and convenient to shift from one place to other.

  1. Promotion:

Packing plays a role of silent salesman because it promotes the sale of the product.

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