Q      What is staffing?

Q      What is the relationship of organization and staffing functions?

Q      What is the importance of staffing?

Q      What is the relationship between Staffing function and Human Resource Management?

Q      What do you mean by Human Resource Management?

Q      What are the main activities of Human Resource Management?

Q      Explain the steps of staffing.

Q      What is manpower planning?

Q      What is job analysis?

Q      What do you mean by recruitment?

Q      What are the types of sources of Recruitment?

Q      What is internal recruitment?

Q      What is external recruitment?

Q      Write the elements of recruitment process.

Q      What is selection?

Q      What are the steps in the process of selection of employees?

Q      What are the two approaches of selection?

Q      Define :placement, orientation, training, promotion, test, interview, development.

Q      What is the purpose of interview?

Q      What are the objectives of tests?

Q      What is the need of training?

Q      Differentiate between training and development.

Q      What are the types of training methods: on-the-job methods and off-the-job methods?

Q      What are the advantages and disadvantages of on-the-job training methods and off-the job training methods?

Q      Define the terms: compensation, pay, benefits, Incentives, bonus and premium.

Q      What are the main objectives of an incentive plan?

Q      Which function of management helps in obtaining right people and putting them on the right jobs?

Q      It implies introducing the selected employees to other employees and familiarizing him with the rules and policies of the organization. Name it.

Q      “Internal sources of recruitment are better than external sources of recruitment”.

Q      Do you agree with this statement. Give any two reasons in support of your answer.

Q      Hitesh is working as a supervisor in a company. Due to his hard work he is promoted to the post of Production Manager. Now the post of supervisor is vacant and no one can be transferred or promoted to this post. Name the source of recruitment the company will use to fill up this post. State any three advantages of using this source of recruitment.

Q      Which source of requirement is needed to bring new blood in the organization? Explain any three advantages of this source.

Q      It is the process of identifying and choosing the best person out of a number of prospective candidates for a job. Name it.

Q      Which step in the process of selection helps the manager to eliminate unqualified or unfit job seekers based on the information supplied in the application forms.

Q      It is the process of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job. Which process is refers to here.

Q      What helps the employees in improving their job knowledge and efficiency.

Q      Which type of training is a joint programme of training in which educational institution and business firms cooperate?

Q      Trainee is put under the guidance of a master worker to require a higher level of skill. For example to become plumber , electrician etc. Which method of training is referred here.

Q      In which type of training , employees learn their jobs on the equipment they will be using, but the training is conducted away from the actual work floor. Explain two other methods relating to this.

Q      “There is no need of human resource planning as so many people are available in the market these days” do you agree with this statement? Give reasons.

Q      “A newly appointed personnel manager is of the view that there is no need for training the workers”. Do you agree with his views? Give reasons in support of your answer.

Write the values followed or ignored in the following cases:

Q      A personnel manager while selecting new employees appoints only those persons who fulfills his personal requirement directly or indirectly.

Q      In an organization the female employees are getting promotion late as compared to male employees.

Q      An employee has been terminated due to a small mistake without hearing him, while the other one was not terminated on the same mistake.

Q      An automobile Company runs a factory in a backward area. It has opened a training center to train the people.

Q      An organization places an advertisement for employment mentioning some terms there in. those terms are not followed during selection of employee.

Q      A production manager pays less than the minimum wages and gets their signatures on minimum wages.

Q   While taking the interview, a manager in Human Resource management did not follow steps of selection process, as candidate was his cousin.

Q    In selection process Human Resource management rejected 95 application of candidates out of 100 applications and selected five most competent and suitable candidates for organization.

Q      In what ways ‘External Sources of Recruitment’ affects the social values of existing employees?

Q      A company proposes a salary structure in its advertisement, but later follows a completely different salary structure i.e. less than quoted. What kind of reactions will it evoke?

Q      Transfer is used as a tool to threaten employees.

Q      There is favoritism shown by some senior executives, in terms of promotion, hike in salary, granting of leave .

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