tonguetwisterTongue twister is a group of words that is difficult to pronounce. Tongue twisters are used to learn to pronounce as well as to create fun.
It is also true that from time to time in almost all the languages tongue twisters have been made and used for these purposes. There may be meaningful tongue twisters or meaningless but they are for fun, definitely.



1. I feel I need a deep sleep.

2. He has a hat in his hand.

3. Tie twine to three tree twigs.

4. Dubble bubble gum bubbles double.

5. Batty bought a bit of butter but the bit of butter was bitter. So, Batty bought a better bit of butter to make the bitter butter better.

6. Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

7. She sells seashells on the sea shore.

8. Don’t watch your watches; I’m watching that you are watching your watches.

9. Good,better,best,never let it rest.Till your good is better and your better best.

10. The cook took a good look at the cookery book to cook good.

11. Will you be able to enable that disabled person to earn?



1. Kaccha papad pakka papad.

2. Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ki chachi ko chandani chowk me chandani raat mein chandi ke chammche se chatni chatai.

3. Kaccheped par pakka papita, pakka papita ped pe, pakke ped ko pakde Pinku, Pinku pakde pakka papita.

4. Peetal ke Pateele mein papita peela peela.

5.Oonth uncha, oonth ki peeth unchi, unchi poonchh oonth ki.

6. Khadak Singh ke khadakne se khadakti hain khidkiyan, khidkiyon ke khadakne se khadakta hai Khadak Singh.



1. Kaccha Papad, Pakka Papad.

2. Davinder di dadi de do dand dukhde, dilli de dukandar davinder di dadi de dukhde dandan di davai de!

3. Khare kharhote kharhawan paake kharh kharh karke khabar sunave.



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