Gaurav ThakurEvery time with the arrival of board exams, lots of worries and excitement knock our daily schedule. Be this any one ranging from a student to the whole family or teachers, everyone comes in the tone of action.

As the exams approach majority is worried about their performance and preparation. The mirthful thought of becoming senior and going to college is also fascinating the students.

Every time there is my encounter with any board aspirant, It  makes me reconnect their present situation with my own experience, when I appeared in my board exams and was in a fix to decide what next?

After clearing +2 in Commerce stream, I had two choices. The first one was the academic way – traditional option of doing Bachelor in Commerce ( and the other one – the professional way by getting into the world of CAs(Chartered Accountant) which is much more challenging and drenching rightly called the economic army.

After settling a lot of conflicting thoughts, I decided to focus my efforts to become CA . The tiring journey of becoming CA disunites itself into three levels namely:

  • CPT(Common Proficiency Test) Entrance Test
  • IPCC (Comprising Of Two Groups) along with three years of articleship.
  • FINAL (comprising of two groups)

I started my journey to this chartered sea, completely unaware of its pros and cons, its depth or any of peculiarities, yet I was aware of one thing that this prefix will surely quench my thirst to be the brightest star in the sky. The momentous shift took place in my life after giving my +2 board exams and getting registered with ICAI (Institute Of Chartered Accountant Of India) the holy temple to all CAs.

Despite my coaching from renowned institute, I failed in my first attempt of CPT. This failure shook me to the depth but as said “A man’s life is what his thoughts make it”. I desired myself to lead towards my goal and gave myself one more try for clearing my entrance.

With the clearance of entrance test one gets poured with confidence and starts thinking that definitely something have been achieved but the next level of IPCC is dreadfully unexpected, turning everything up-side-down, introducing one to the various postulates and notions such as the fact that ICAI deliberately fails students, the syllabus is large like Sahara Desert comprising of subjects which are sacrosanct in nature such as law and audit, the fear to study cost much and taxation is horrible.

ITSM ( Information Technology and Strategic Management) ,Oh my gosh ! that’s the only failing subject, and the Accounting as the only holy relief to the students. And the seniors meet up always proved to be the pungent stroke of ‘demotivation’, who are constantly cursing ICAI for deliberately failing them, making them appear in exams for their 4th or 5th attempt of IPCC or FINAL.

The things did not end up here, the long tiring classes adds up to the beauty of one’s pain and boredom. Attending classes of IPCC starting from early in the morning and ending up late in the evening, makes one feel like a paying guest in his own home. I was accustomed to rushing for my classes at 6 in the morning and use to return home at 9 or 10 in the night ( I decided to give both groups of IPCC together). But again I failed and the reason was, the classes.

One must never underestimate the need of self study. The classes were really long covering all subjects for 9 months, leaving no time for self study and when the exams approached all concepts got mingled up and eventually led towards failure.

I started my preparations again with a thought that the result of ICAI is very less and I shall devote more time to self study. I prepared again, with frustration, with anger, with fear of failure, with desire of success and burnt the mid night oil and got cleared with exemptions, that made me cry, “The taste of success is sweet I realized”.

Right now I am doing my articleship from a reputed CA firm. I have performed audits of several big firms, and doing well and preparing for my finals.

I am still meeting my seniors cursing ICAI for their failure, I still think of getting shattered, if I failed again in final, I’ll still feel myself fortunate enough to prosper. My journey has taught me one thing that In order to be big you need to try big and CA is not the course of everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a course of patience, determination, hard work, commitment towards oneself that you will surely succeed, it is a course of ‘deserved’.

Author Bio:

Gaurav Thakur is pursuing his CA Final and on his way to become the best CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT . He is known for his multiple talents, of acting, writing, anchoring, oratory and many more. His dream is to become INDIA’S first ever CORPORATE TYCOON.

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