The success in the examination largely depends upon the understanding of the questions and the requirement of the question. All the terms mentioned here must be understood properly to answer the questions as required:

Account for: Explain the reasons or causes.

Analyse : Discuss an issue, arguments for and against/causes and effects/ assumptions and possible consequences. It is better to divide the question into parts.

Apply: Use what is asked in the question.

Appraise/Assess: Give the case for and against, and then give the conclusion.

Arrange: List the items in sequence or proper order.

Comment: You may need to assess the statement, as mentioned above.

Compare: State where the two terms are similar and where they are different.

Criticism: Generally it means pointing out any shortcomings and disadvantages. Try to support your views with reasons, evidence, or statistics if you can remember any.

Classify: Write the types/categories of that concept mentioned in the question.

Define: Explain what it means, using formal language . If you have learnt a definition, use it.

Describe/Discuss: Say what you know about the topic/issue.

Distinguish/Differentiate: Explain the differences between the items or propositions.

Enumerate: Make the list of the points only.

Evaluate: You are being asked to decide how good or bad something is, mentioning advantages and disadvantages.

Explain: State clearly what is involved, or how something works.

Identify: Point to the essential part or parts.

Illustrate: Supply examples of the proposition in the question.

Implications: Describe the likely results of an action, including hidden ones.

Interpret: Explain the meaning of something given in the question.

Justify: Supply reasons in support of an argument or event.

Make a critical appraisal: Same as Evaluate.

Limitations: Show where something will not work or apply.

Outline: Select only the most important aspects of a topic, ignoring all minor details.

Quoting the lines: Pick the lines from the question in support of your answer and write in ” ….” .

Relate: To demonstrate the connection between two or more things.

Role: Explain the Importance that something has.

Significance: Explain the meaning and importance.

State: Put down the main points of whatever is asked in the question.

Summarize: Select only the main points of the issue and put them in some logical order.

Support: Give all the reasons you can in favor of, what is asked.

Validity: To what extent is it true?

Values for Value Based Question Paper