C.B.S.E. has introduced value based question paper for every subject. In Accountancy and Business Studies of both Classes- eleventh as well as twelfth, 4-5 marks paper will be based on values. A student has to read the question thoroughly and understand it, try to find out the hidden values in the question. Scoring marks from this type of question is the easiest of all.

Students can have an idea of values from the simple list given below showing some of such values expected from the modern business- its management as well as its employees. Many more values can be found out:

  1. Accuracy- The precision, exactness, and conforming to fact in details of work.
  2. Accountability – Responsibility of our actions affecting others.
  3. Accuracy- The precision, exactness, and conforming to fact in details of work.
  4. Accomplishment
  5. Achievement
  6. Action-Oriented
  7. Appreciation
  8. Balance- Maintaining life and work balance.
  9. Careful- using precautions where needed.
  10. Caring- to consider others’ interests also.
  11. Cleanliness
  12. Collaboration- Collaborating within and outside the company to give the best.
  13. Commitment- bound by the goals.
  14. Community service- A sense of responsibility and contribution to society.
  15. Consistency- stability in behaviour.
  16. Cooperation (Teamwork)
  17. Coordination – between departments in terms of plans, activities, and systems.
  18. Customer Delight-The positive emotional response of the customer.
  19. Continuous Improvement in work methods.
  20. Criticism- use genuine criticism only for the overall growth.
  21. Daring- to favour what is right.
  22. Dedicated- surrender himself to worthwhile objectives.
  23. Dependable- can be depended upon.
  24. Determined- bent on achieving the goals.
  25. Discipline-adherence to company policy, rules etc.
  26. Decisiveness- commitment to decisions once made.
  27. Discrimination- between good and bad, right and wrong.
  28. Diversity- Respecting the difference in education, experience, background etc.
  29. Efficiency- Completing the work at minimum cost.
  30. Energetic-full of energy.
  31. Enthusiastic-eager to do the work.
  32. Equality
  33. Excellence
  34. Empowerment- Empowering the employees to take initiative and give the best.
  35. Entrepreneurial Spirit
  36. Family Feeling
  37. Faithful
  38. Fearless
  39. Forgiveness
  40. Generous- takes the broader view of the things.
  41. Genuine
  42. Grateful-Thankful.
  43. Goodness (Doing Good)
  44. Empathy- capacity to see the things from others’ point of view.
  45. Happy
  46. Hard Working
  47. Helpful
  48. Honesty
  49. Hope
  50. Harmony-Creating unity.
  51. Imagination
  52. Intelligence
  53. Innovation- To come out with new creative ideas that are beneficial to the society.
  54. Integrity-To act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.
  55. Initiative of Employees
  56. Joyful
  57. Justice- fair treatment to others.
  58. Kindness
  59. Knowledge
  60. Learning
  61. Loyalty-to and from suppliers, customers, and employees
  62. Leadership- The courage to influence others.
  63. Mastery-perfection in work.
  64. Merciful
  65. Neat
  66. Noble
  67. Obedience
  68. Objective-lack of partiality or bias.
  69. Openness
  70. Opportunity
  71. Optimistic
  72. Orderliness
  73. Perseverance- continuity.
  74. Persistent
  75. Perfection in Work -Flawless, complete work.
  76. Planning
  77. Politeness
  78. Punctuality
  79. Quality (of Products and Services)
  80. Resourceful
  81. Passion-Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best.
  82. Respect-Giving due respect to self and others.
  83. Risk Taking- Encouraging self and others to take risk for a bright future.
  84. Regularity
  85. Responsibility; Taking- (not blaming)
  86. Reliability- Dependability.
  87. Tolerance, Open-Mindedness
  88. Truth- Getting at the facts.
  89. Safety- Ensuring the trouble free experience.
  90. Service Excellence- Giving the best.
  91. Simplicity, Ease of Use
  92. Self-Reliance
  93. Strength
  94. Stability
  95. Systematization- Doing every work in some system and not trial and error method.
  96. Standardization
  97. Solving Problems of Society- in area of organization’s interest and beyond
  98. Service to Society- environmental protection,
  99. Timeliness- Things occurring at the most suitable time.
  100. Truth
  101. Technology-Driven
  102. Trust-Trusting in others.
  103. Unity
  104. Wisdom
  105. Will to succeed -in any aspect of life.

Class 11th and 12th Question Papers in Accountancy and Business Studies

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