classroomThe best part of school memories include the dialogues delivered by your teacher. Every classroom has its unique set of factors like black-board, green-board, teacher, students, etc. But there are some situations created in almost all class-rooms. Here are some common dialogues delivered by a typical Indian teacher in his/her class:

1. When the class just refuses to keep quiet.

After thumping on the table or lecture stand, “No talking”.


“I want pin drop silence in the class”.


She just keeps quite after saying, “Tell me when you have finished talking”.

2.When a student is caught doing something mischievous.

“I’ll talk to your parents on PTM. Is this the reason you come to school?”

3. When the teacher doesn’t understand the writing in exam.

“What have you written here, like keedhe makoddhe? I can’t understand even a single word here. Some other examiner would have marked zero for this.”

4. When the teacher wants to make a student realise that he is good-for-nothing.

“What do you want? Are you not wasting your parents’ money only?”

5. When a student copied his friend’s stuff and is caught.

“If he jumps in the well ,will you also jump too?”

6. When a student is busy talking and not paying attention to studies.

“If you don’t want to study, get out of my class.”


If you are not interested, then you may leave the class.”


“If you want to talk then please go out of the class and talk.”

7. When a student is found giggling at something.

“What are you laughing at? Share the joke with the whole class so that everyone can laugh.”

8. When the teacher gets frustrated because no one listens in the class.

“This is the worst class I have seen till date.”


“This class is worse than any other class in my career till date”.


“If you don’t want to study, then don’t come to school”

9. When a student is found day dreaming in the class.

“Your body is here, but your mind is somewhere else.”


“You are physically here but mentally somewhere else. What are you thinking about?”

10.  When a student acts clueless and starts looking behind when she pin points at him/her.

“Yes, I am talking to you, stop looking behind”.


“You, Yes you. I am talking to you. Don’t look back.”

11.When a student fails to carry a book or note-book and produce in class.

“Where is the book? Did you forget to have your food? Then how did you forget to bring your book?”

12.When a student borrows pencil or eraser during exam.

“Bring your own pencil and eraser. I won’t allow you to borrow in future”.

13.When his work is incomplete.

“Why isn’t your work complete? Were you busy doing household chores?”

14.When the teacher feels the student is clever to disclose something.

“Don’t try to act over smart with me.”

15.When teacher has to leave the class in between.

“I will be back in two minutes, Maám has called me. Monitor may mind the class.”

16. When she catches a boy and girl sitting on the same bench.

“Boys and girls will not sit together.”

17.When a student doesn’t speak when he is asked to speak.

“Can you speak loudly? Didn’t you have breakfast today?”

18.When students are caught misbehaving.

“Is this why your parents send you to school every day and spend so much on you?”

19.When a student appears to be not writing anything in the class.

“Show me your note-book. What are you doing ?”

Besides these, the most common dialogues Indian students are used to :

“Is this the way you behave at home?”

“So what if the bell has rung? We’ll finish this part.”

Now, you can definitely recall the pleasant memories of your class.

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