Healthy eatingYoung children are suffering many social, psychological and emotional as well as physical problems these days, and these problems are increasing day by day. Though these problems can be petty or big, some steps can surely be taken for healthy living and to minimize these problems.

Some basic suggestions are being mentioned here.

First of all, take care of yourself .Don’t ever skip the meals. Breakfast is the most important meal to give start to your day with energy. Take at least three meals a day, without skipping any meal and without overeating.

Eat alone only when not possible to be in company of others. Always take the meals in company of others specially the family, when you are at home. This is the best time for sharing the happy thoughts with other members and for creating family bond which ultimately goes a long way to solve many psychological problems faced when a child is not able to share his feelings.

  • Avoid junk food.
  • Drink enough water as a habit as it is very useful for physical and mental energy. It keeps the body as well as the mind fresh.
  • Get physically active. Go for walk or give time to exercise daily.
  • A little time for meditation is of great help.
  • Whenever you feel sad, share with your parents, they are the best guides at this age and stage of life.
  • Try to avoid the situations where violence and fighting can cause you any damage. Don’t try to form groups merely for showing off ‘power’. Rather create social groups for good causes.
  • Don’t watch T.V programmes involving violence or negative values. Programmes can be watched for fun, knowledge, adventure etc. The time for T.V. viewing and surfing the net should also be kept under control.
  • Above all, some common etiquettes should be observed and efforts should be made to control anger and arguments.


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