Every person is in continuous search for the ways of making his life happy and peaceful. Some simple ideas for contentment are being taken here, for careful thinking and their use for practical life.

  1. Keep yourself busy.

Keeping one self busy goes a long way to remove most of the worries as well as the fruit of work done.

  1. Don’t get disturbed by small issues.

Life is too short to be taken seriously. If you are upset due to some problem, try to solve it then and there and leave the matter to God for further results. If some issue cannot be settled, determine yourself to live happily for the moment and keep on postponing the serious thought till you are mentally stable. Disturbed mind can never reach correct solutions.

  1. Count your blessings.

Whenever a problem crushes you and you feel that you are a victim, think that many people in the world are facing the same problems, if they can manage to get through all this, you too can do it. Then, try to count your blessings; they surely outnumber the temporary problems you are facing.

  1. Don’t get upset over criticism.

It is mostly the disguised compliment by those who could not achieve like you. Try to consider the criticism as a third party and if it is justified, try to improve yourself in future and thank God you came to know about all this.

  1. Set priorities in Life.

Do all the work in order of importance. This way you can save your time wasted on unproductive activities.

  1. Control your mind.

Try to control your mind from being involved into unnecessary activities.

  1. Be enthusiastic.

Put enthusiasm into your work, studies, or whatever. Work done with enthusiasm always produces better and quick results giving maximum satisfaction.

  1. Be valuable.

Try to add value to everything you touch. Become a man of value, so that your presence is felt.

  1. Meditation.

Spare some time out of your daily routine for meditation.

  1. Exercise.

Don’t miss some physical and mental exercise daily.

Happy Life is yours.

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