MCQs in Classes 11th & 12th Accountancy

These days the students as well as teachers are talking of 20 Marks MCQs. Actually, these are not necessarily Multiple Choice Questions but any type of Objective type questions (OTQs) like the following:

  • True/false type.
  • Fill in the blanks with or without options.
  • Complete the sentence.
  • Correct the sentence.
  • Identification of a concept/term etc.
  • Correct the sequence of steps in a process.
  • Pass Journal Entry.
  • Calculate the amount of ……….
  • or any other form of question not included above.

Whatever may be the form, the student must give required working notes shown immediately after the answer.

A  well known author in the field of Accountancy, CA(Dr.) G.S.Grewal, has been sharing such OTQs with teachers in various Whatsapp groups, which have been compiled here for ready reference of students and teachers.

Class 11th Accountancy

  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. Theory Base of Accounting
  3. Recording of Transactions
  4. Ledger, Trial Balance and BRS
  5. Depreciation and Provisions
  6. Bills of Exchange
  7. Rectification of Errors
  8. Financial Statements of Sole Proprietor
  9. Accounts from Incomplete Records

Class 12th Accountancy

  1. Financial Statements of NPO
  2. Fundamentals of Partnership
  3. Valuation of Goodwill
  4. Change in Profit Sharing Ratio
  5. Admission of New Partner
  6. Retirement/Death of Partner
  7. Dissolution of Partnership Firm
  8. Accounting for Share Capital
  9. Accounting for Debentures
  10. Comparative Financial Statements
  11. Ratio Analysis
  12. Cash Flow Statement

The students can check the One Mark Questions in C.B.S.E. Sample question papers issued recently for 2020 Exams.

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