Q. Give full form of EPZ and SEZ.

Q. Name any two WTO. Agreements.

Q. Explain the term FOB.

Q. Name the certificate to prove that goods are produced in the home country itself ?

Q. Define mate’s receipt.

Q. Who is a clearing agent?

Q. What is the purpose of per-shipment finance?

Q. Define export processing zones.

Q. Who is a forwarding agent?

Q. What is the letter of credit?

Q. What is certificate of origin?

Q. How does external trades boost up the economic growth of the country?

Q. Explain the benefits of EPZ.

Q. What are Hundred percent export oriented units?

Q. Describe the advantages of external trade.

Q. What is Bill of Lading?

Q. Explain the difference between external trade and internal trade.

Q. Differentiate between international trade and international business.

Q. Discuss the steps involved in export trade.

Q. Explain the steps of Import procedure.

Q. Why is export promotion necessary?

Q. Write a note on the functioning of WTO?

Q. Explain in brief international trade institutions and agreement.

Q. Explain the major export promotion measures adopted by the government.