Q. Name the institutions specially setup to promote small scale enterprises, in India.

Q. Give the features of cottage industries.

Q. What is the investment limit for Small Scale Industry(SSI)?

Q. What is the role of different institutions set up for the growth of small business in India?

Q. What is the parameter used by the government to identify service enterprise?

Q. State the meaning of small business.

Q. Describe the problems of small business in India.

Q. What is the purpose of NABARD?

Q. Explain the role of SIDBI in promoting small scale enterprises.

Q. What do you mean by balanced regional development?

Q. Why does the government of India insist on balanced regional development?

Q. What is the difference between small scale enterprise and cottage industry?

Q. Explain the role of various institutions to improve the condition of small business in India.

Q. What is the definition used by the government of India for small scale industries?

Q. State the role of small business in rural India.

Q. What do you mean by small business? Describe the feature of small scale enterprise.

Q. What steps have been taken by the government to provide financial aid to industries set-up in rural, backward and hilly areas?

Q. How do small scale enterprises help in bringing regional balances?