* Students have to make one project for the entire year.

*The topic should be assigned after discussion with the students in the class and should then be discussed at every stage of the submission of the project.

* The students must make a presentation of the project before the class.

* The project is to be taken after consultation with the teacher.

*The project work can be done in groups.

The details can be checked from C.B.S.E.syllabus.


Presentation and Submission of Project Report

At the end of the stipulated term, each student will prepare and submit his/her project report.

Following essentials are required to be fulfilled for its preparation and submission.

1. The total length of the project will be of 25 to 30 pages.

2. The project should be handwritten.

3. The project should be presented in a neat folder.

4. The project report should be developed in the following sequence-

• Cover page should include the title of the Project, student information, school and year.

• List of contents.

• Acknowledgements and preface (acknowledging the institution, the places visited and the persons who have helped).

• Introduction.

• Topic with suitable heading.

• Planning and activities done during the project, if any.

• Observations and findings of the visit.

• Conclusions (summarized suggestions or findings, future scope of study).

• Photographs (if any).

• Appendix

• Teacher’s observation.

• Signatures of the teachers.

• At the completion of the evaluation of the project, it should be punched in the centre so that the report may not be reused but is available for reference only.

• The projects will be returned after evaluation. The school may keep the best projects.



Allocation of Marks = 20 Marks

The marks will be allocated under the following heads:

1. Initiative, cooperativeness and participation – 2 Marks

2. Creativity in presentation – 2 Marks

3. Content, observation and research work – 4 Marks

4. Analysis of situations – 4 Marks

5. Viva – 8 Marks


Summary Guidelines For Project File:

Cover page – Name, Class and Board Roll no. of the candidate
Step:1 – Name of the project
Step:2 – Acknowledgement 
Step:3 – Certificate
Step:4 – Index 
Step:5 – Organisation/ product selected
Step:6 – Explanation of project…………………………….
Step:7 – Appendix (if any)
Step:8 – Conclusion 
Step:9 – Bibliography 
Step:10 – Teacher’s Remarks and Observation (Teacher will write this )
Name of Teacher:

General Guidelines

• The Project should be hand written.
• Use Interleaf coloured sheets.
• Draw margin on left side.
• Get the Spiral binding done after approval by your teacher.
• Paste relevant pictures, clippings etc.
• The total length of the project will be of 25 to 30 pages.