Meaning of Organizing

Organizing implies a process which coordinates human efforts, assembles resources and integrates both into a unified whole to be utilized for achieving specified objectives.

Organizing can be defined as a process that initiates implementation of plans by clarifying jobs and working relationships and effectively deploying resources for attainment of identified and desired results (goals).

Steps in the process of organizing

(1)Identification and division of work:

In this step work is identified and divided in accordance with previously determined plans. Work is divided to avoid duplication and to share the burden of work among the employees.

(2) Departmentalization:

In this step activities of similar nature are grouped together to facilitate specialization. Departments can be created using several criteria as a basis. For e.g. production department, finance department etc.

(3) Assignment of duties:

Once departments have been formed, each of them is placed under the charge of an individual. Jobs are then allocated to the members of each department in accordance to their skills and competencies. The work must be assigned to those who are best fitted to perform it well.

(4) Establishing reporting relationships:

After allocating work each individual should also know who he has to take orders from and to whom he is accountable. The establishment of such relationship helps to create hierarchical structure and in coordination amongst various departments.

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