It is no rocket science to understand the implications of making the right career choice after the end of Class 10th board’s exam. It is hands down one of those life changing decisions you will ever have to take.

In case you are one of those who wish to opt for Commerce seeing its demand and high pay in the present job market, the competition makes it an even more difficult decision. While the course is easier than some other streams like Science, the non-curricular skills that you will have to work on to survive are much more in Commerce.

With the business world expanding in the country, corporate demands for potential employees and future leaders are also becoming more stringent. So, if you have planned your career in commerce, school would be the best place to work towards corporate expectations.

Here are some things that you should make your habit as early as possible. These points if practiced well will create an edge later – by making you a desirable commerce student:

1. Communication Skills

A likable commerce student should have the first and foremost skill of effective communication. In the corporate world, you will have to work and interact with a variety of people. To get your message conveyed in the right intention, you will have to be well versed with the nuances of effective communication.

2. Enhanced Knowledge Base

Along with your curriculum’s course study, a good business student is the one who is updated on the current affairs too. Make reading newspapers and General Knowledge magazines a habit. It will make it easy for you to interact with fresher and working professionals alike, thus increasing your network.

3. Participation in extra-curricular activities

It is desired from a good commerce student to be a part of various extra-curricular activities; as it gives the impression of being an all-rounder. You do not have to excel in everything you start, but try to take part in different activities as much as possible. At the back of this, you will have something to add in your CV and talk in the Graduate interview board.

4. Networking Skill

A commerce industry majorly lies on networks. It will reap you a number of known and unsaid benefits if you learn how to network well. It is not difficult to add connections, what is difficult is maintaining them. It is advisable to search various professional platforms where you can connect with influential people.

The time this skill will work most in your favor is during the college admissions. Making connections with alumni will make it easy for you to get insights about the top commerce colleges of India.

5. Define career path

The one thing common in all the desirable commerce students is that they have a defined career path. This trait of building a concrete plan will make it easier to succeed in your career too. So, start making a career path for yourself starting from the commerce course you want to opt for to the college you wish to be a part of.

Note everything that you will need to make it happen and work on it.

Following all the above-mentioned things might look easy, but should not be taken lightly. It is advised that you start practicing these things in time when they can easily become a habit until the time you get ready for college. Allotting a fix time to them will prepare you for all the corporate complexities and make it easy for you to have a hassle free career.

All the Best!

Tripti Rai writes on behalf of, she advises students on right career choices, exam. advice, educational institutions etc. Along with education, she also likes to talk about real estate whenever she gets a chance.

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