For attempting the examination in Business Studies, following key terms appearing in question paper must be understood properly and the paper written accordingly.

Assess / Comment :

In such questions, give the case for and against i.e. give arguments in favour of and against the given issue. and then give the conclusion.


State where the two terms are similar and where they are different. Comparison can be written in the form of para for each point with main point highlighted.


It means pointing out any shortcomings and disadvantages with reasons.


Explain what it means, using as formal language as you can.


Say what you know about the issue.


Say what you know about the issue. It can be written in details.


Explain the differences between the items or propositions. Difference must be written in columns together with headings for each difference.


Make the list of the points or items only.

Evaluation / appraisal:

In such questions, you are being asked to decide how good or bad something is.


State clearly what is involved, or how something works.


Point to the essential part or parts.


Explain the steps in detail, In such case steps must be written in serial order else you will lose the marks.

Use diagrams:

Diagrams should be used to make the answers more effective.

Question bank:

1. Nature and Significance of Management

2. Principles of Management

3. Business Environment

4. Planning

5. Organizing

6. Staffing

7. Directing

8. Controlling

9. Business Finance

10.Financial Markets

11.Marketing Management

12.Consumer Protection

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