Q. Define Social Responsibility.

Q. What do you mean by Business Ethics?

Q. Give any two examples of business ethics.

Q. What is the relation between ethics and moral values?

Q. What do mean by the principles derived from social values which guide and govern the conduct of businessmen?

Q. Explain the social responsibility of business towards customers and employees.

Q. Give any six reasons in favor of social responsibilities.

Q. Explain any six reasons against assuming social obligation by business.

Q. Explain the factors that affect the ethical behavior of a business.

Q. Give the difference between ethics and law.

Q. What is environmental pollution?

Q. What are the actual factors responsible for social responsibility?

Q. What are the reasons of growing concern over the social responsibility of business ?

Q. Explain the obligations of business towards owners and investors.

Q. How can a business enterprise improve its public image by performing social responsibilities?

Q. What is the obligation of a business towards the government?

Q. What are the major causes of environmental pollution?

Q. Why do the enterprise need to control pollution?

Q. Explain the different elements of business ethics.

Q. Explain the role of government in controlling pollution.

Q. “Business enterprise should also be a loyal citizen of the state”,Discuss.

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