Study is also a game. On hearing the word ‘Study’, maximum numbers of students feel depressed and bored. Suddenly, negative feelings come in their mind.

It is a common myth among the students that ‘study’ is one of the most boring activities in the world and they are forced by the parents to do that. They want to play games, chill with friends, eat and drink and many more things except studies.

Parents think “padhoge likhoge banoge nawab tum banoge nawab, jo kheloge kudoge hoge kharab, suno hoge kharab” but students have exactly the opposite perception, to this – “kheloge kudoge banoge nawab tum banoge nawab, jo padhoge likhoge hoge kharab, suno hoge kharab “.It seems funny but this is the reality .

When they watch games on television, or in a stadium, even when play games they feel excited and happy. They feel some positive spirit in their mind and body. They never feel or look tired and unhappy while playing and watching games. If we ask students, why they like to play and watch games, the response of maximum of them would be, “I enjoy game. I have passion for games. While watching game I imagine myself as a member of the game. “

Have you ever thought where the problem lies? Why they enjoy games so much? Why they feel bored during study? Why they are neglecting their studies? Why is there a need to force them to study? This is, because they do not want to study, that is why they give so many excuses. Students do not show any interest towards studies. They do not feel excited by doing studies. Problems are not with the students. Problems are with us, in our way of teaching, in the way of showing importance of studies.

Study is like a game. Classrooms/study rooms are like Stadiums. Books, note-books, pen/pencils are the equipments with which we have to play game. We play games to win match, to stay ahead of others. To win matches and to stay ahead of others, players need to do regular practice of their game. By giving their best efforts they win match for themselves, their clubs, states and countries. Home is like a club, Schools are like their states and Success in life is like Country for the students. In the same manner, students need to play games wholeheartedly in their stadiums with the equipment they have to win matches for themselves, their Club, State and Country.

Studies are not as difficult as most of the students think. Studies are, not the task assigned to the students that needs to be done either willingly or unwillingly. Studies are the challenge to compete to win the match. They should study by setting a goal and take this as a challenge to win the match.

Let us play a game: In Accountancy we have to prepare a Balance Sheet of a company. In the Balance Sheet we have to match the Liabilities side and Assets side of a Person or Company. If we take this as a ‘task’ then it seems to be very difficult to prepare Balance Sheet correctly and easily. But, if we take it as a challenge to win the match and show interest, our concentration will become 101 % more powerful, at that time we are fully focused in the match and we can prepare a correct Balance Sheet easily. By showing interest in any task we can reduce the complexity of the task by 50% and do it very easily.

So, Study is also a game. We play games to win. The same way, we have to study to get success in life. To become successful we just need to show interest and passion for the studies as we show for the games.

-Ravi Dev

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