Self Learning of Commerce Made Easy

Self Learning of Commerce Made Easy

This website has been created for the students of classes 11th and 12th studying Accountancy and Business Studies and all the persons who want to learn the basics of Commerce subjects. Apart from providing academic guidance , It provides the general guidance to the students by giving them the knowledge of the latest, common and important topics that every student should know. There are articles in Blogs category, dealing with issues directly or indirectly relating to the lives of students. Fun Time has been reserved for the real, decent and funny stuff in the student life. Users can contribute their articles for the Guest Corner to polish their own writing skills.

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Our Philosophy

Commerceatease believes in ‘Self-help is the best help’. If a student is willing to put in efforts to achieve what he wants ,he can surely achieve it. We at Commerceatease intend not only to improve the performance of students in Accountancy and Business Studies,but also help them become good students and good human beings as well. It is our promise to be a good friend and a guide to its users . To make its best use the notes given here must be supplemented by other books and reading material.