10 Tips for 100% Success in Commerce

(Accountancy and Business Studies)


  1. Blue-print and format of the paper:

Students must check the format and the recent changes as suggested by the C.B.S.E. for the Accountancy and Business Studies examination to be held in the year 2020 ,like introduction of 20 Marks one mark questions.

  1. Thorough reading of books:

Students must read the books thoroughly so as to answer all the questions as expected by the examiner. One mark questions can be set from anywhere, even from a single sentence.

  1. Read the questions with proper focus:

Students should underline all the important points asked in the question to check the requirement of the exam. and answer properly.

  1. Write the theory answers according to the marks:

Students should give point-wise answers according to the marking scheme of the question.

  1. Minimum Learning Topics for Weak Students

Very weak students must focus on the minimum learning topics of syllabus in order to get pass marks instead of trying to do everything in syllabus and fail.

  1. Periodic Revisions:

Students must give importance to the periodic revisions of whatever they study.

  1. Effective utilization of the fifteen minutes reading time:

Students should go through all the questions thoroughly so that they may have an idea of what they are expected to write and plan accordingly.

  1. Time management during exam:

Instead of doing all the questions in perfect serial order with lot of wastage of time on thinking about the answers that they find difficult, the students must write the answers they know well first, leaving the space for difficult ones. Then, they should write the answers to questions they find difficult.

A Golden Formula for Time Management is: “Do within twice the minutes for Marks’ e.g. for 1 Marker Don’t take more than 2 Minutes.

  1. Solve CBSE sample papers:

They should solve previous years’ CBSE question papers along with latest sample papers issued by C.B.S.E. in the set time.

  1. Special tips for Business Studies:

They should focus on all the techniques of writing the theory paper like using acronyms, mind maps, diagrams etc.

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