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7 common mental conflicts in students:

There are some doubts in the minds of students preparing for board exams. that need to be resolved to improve performance in exams.

    1.”I want to study but I don’t know what to begin with”

The present moment is the best moment to begin. The moment you understand the need of beginning can be the beginning. This is the first step towards your goal.

First of all you just checkout the syllabus and pattern or design of the question paper in the concerned subject. C.B.S.E, issues almost every year the sample papers and design of question papers well in advance.

  1. “There’s a lot to be done in so short time”

Every student has the same time. The academic session is same for all the students. Syllabus is same for all the students. The only difference is how you manage time . Always manage it well. Time can never be recovered. Time gone is gone ,it is wasted if not used. Don’t waste it on unproductive activities.

  1. “The stuff is so boring, I feel like sleeping when I read it.”

When you think about the boring nature of study material or you think it is dry, just imagine the expert who has written the books, consider your seniors who have cleared exams. in the same subject having studied the same stuff. If they could do it, you too can do it. Interest can be created. Fake it till you make it.

  1. “I read it. I understand it, but I just can’t learn it”

That ‘s good. You got it right. You read it, you have understood it. Now you need to read it again, so that on second reading it looks to be familiar stuff. And on third reading, you unknowingly owns the stuff.

In other words, when you read it again, the easy stuff is digested and you can concentrate on difficult stuff. Everything becomes easy, that appears difficult initially.

  1. “I understood it when teacher taught in class”.

This is also right for a large number of students. When teacher explains the concepts with the help of very easy day to day examples, the concepts become clear.

Unfortunately, many students can recall examples but not the actual concept explained and they end up explaining the easy and funny examples in exam.

So, it is very necessary to revise everything from book, in order to be able to explain as per the requirement of the exam.

  1. “There’s too much to remember”

Again, the problem is same. The quantum of syllabus is same for all the students of your class, in your school, city, district and so on. You have to manage it. Cover the syllabus in parts. Separate the units and topics according to the level of difficulty you encounter in reading and revising.

Use efficient methods of studying in this regard. There are a number of memory techniques and methods for doing so.

  1. “I knew it sometime back”

Ha ha. Revise it then. Periodical revisions are must for long lasting memory. There must be time interval between two sessions of revision.

Using your creativity and interest coupled with positive attitude towards studies can give you the best results of your efforts.

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