Suggestions for sure success in exams.

It is observed that many students work very hard for the examination, but their efforts don’t bear any fruit. They expect a lot but get a little. Some very minor appearing points can lead to big failures. A student should consider the following suggestions to make the best use of his efforts:

1. Thorough preparation of the topic:

It is commonly observed that some students prepare and learn main questions sometimes referred to as  important questions, rather than reading and learning the concerned topic in detail. These days, CBSE has changed the examination pattern in such a manner that without the detailed study it is not possible to score well.

Though, some students may manage to get pass marks and simply get through, It requires serious efforts to score good marks. So, prepare the topic in detail rather than a particular question.

2. Method of Preparation:

Next suggestion is regarding how to prepare the topic. The topic should be read and re-read in detail, properly understood from different perspectives , ultimately leading to long lasting memory required for clearing examination with good score.

Use headings and key points for learning from book. In case of Accountancy ,enough practice of numerical questions is required.

3. Prepare well:

Don’t expect short cut way to success in exams. Prepare well so that you don’t panic before or during the exam. Don’t give importance to those who create such panic scenes.

4. Reach before the set time:

Always start early for examination centre to avoid any delay and reach the examination hall before time. In case you reach late for examination, the situation does not remain comfortable for you which keeps on disturbing you, leading to adverse effect on your attempt thus poor performance in that examination.

5. Read the question paper thoroughly:

CBSE has now allotted fifteen minutes for the purpose of reading the question paper only. Make the best use of this time in planning the answers.

6. Time management:

Always plan to allot the time to different questions. The questions of which you know the right answers must be done at first to avoid any wastage of time.

Long questions must be finished within your planned time, as no one will give you marks for excessive writing but you will be penalized automatically for doing so, by diverting your attention to irrelevant material and losing time which would otherwise be spent on the questions you are going to leave because you are not able to complete your paper in time.

7. Re-read the question before answering:

When you first read the question paper your attention is only on the broader view as to whether the paper is easy or difficult ,whether you know the topic or not. Regarding what is required and what to write in the answer to a particular question, you must read the question again minutely.

8. Keep your answers in the word limits:

All answers should be within the permissible word limits prescribed by the examining body. CBSE has clearly prescribed such limit for attempting paper in different subjects which is always printed in the form of instructions on the first page of the question paper.

 9. Carry with you what you require:

Don’t forget to carry the material and your admit card properly laminated to the examination centre. Students are often seen borrowing things in examination hall, disturbing others and losing their precious time themselves. All the required stuff should be kept at one place the night before examination.

10. Write complete and correct particulars:

All the particulars including name ,father’s name, roll no. in figures as well as in words etc. should be clearly and neatly written in order to avoid any problem in future leading to late result or whatever. Once again, before handing over the paper to the invigilator, check all your particulars. Attach the extra sheet properly.

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