General Guidance

/General Guidance
13 09, 2016

Making Notes for Exams

Various symbols and diagrams , shapes make an important part of note making process, that is really beneficial to the students.
31 03, 2016

7 Mental Conflicts in Students – Resolved

Every student , may be a senior school student or a college student, sometimes, finds himself in such situations that he is not able to handle without losing his confidence, wasting his precious time.
29 03, 2016

10 Suggestions to be Successful in Board Exams.

It is observed that many students work very hard for the examination, but their efforts don't bear any fruit. They expect a lot but get a little. Some very minor appearing points can lead to big failures.
29 03, 2016

How to Make Studies More Interesting?

The biggest step is to Make all the efforts to Stay away from distractions . Always keep in mind that you are not less than the student who has ever scored maximum marks in the subject you are studying.
19 03, 2016

16 Super Methods to Improve Memory

Every student must know the methods to improve memory . A student can score good marks in exams.
4 03, 2016

Indian Currency-Metallic Coins and Paper Currency

Notes are printed at four printing presses located at Nashik, Dewas, Mysore and Salboni. Coins are minted at the four mints at Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata and Hyderabad.
28 02, 2016

Bitcoin- Digital Currency

Bitcoin as layman definition is a digital currency where Bitcoins are the units of value used in this system of digital currency.
11 02, 2016

Basic Subjects in Commerce

Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics are the main subjects to be studied by a fresher in Commerce. Later these subjects become detailed with their branches like:financial accounting,cost accounting,management accounting,partnership accounts,company accounts,corporate law,...
11 02, 2016

Basic Requirements for Commerce Student

Like any other work area, a commerce student must be able to manage his time well. This is especially needed for devoting time for studies together with carrying on his routine activities.
11 02, 2016

Career Options for a Commerce student

Many options are available to a commerce student at various levels. In all the cases merit is required like in case of any other competitive field. The decision must be taken carefully after considering the interest and aptitude of the student.
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